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Counseling and Psychological Services

24 Hour Crisis Helpline 513-556-0648

Students and members of the UC community concerned about students have access to mental health crisis care and consultation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. During business hours, you can call our main number (513) 556-0648 and request to speak with a counselor immediately if in need of crisis support or consultation. Our crisis line provides care 24/7 when we are closed for in-person services. After hours you may call our direct number at 513-556-0648 and follow the prompts to speak with a counselor. 

UC CAPS is  providing both virtual and in person counseling services to maintain and enhance student access to mental health support. If you are an enrolled UC student in Ohio, call (513) 556-0648 to schedule a free, stand alone therapy session at CAPS. If you are outside of Ohio, check out our online mental health resource section below for information about our out-of-state services. We're also excited to announce the continuation of group therapy this semester! Check out our group services page for more information. 

Our Center

At UC CAPS we prioritize accessible and effective services that you can access when you need them. We take a collaborative, strengths based approach to help you identify tools, resources, and strategies to meet your mental health goals. This might only take one meeting, or it might take a little more support. Either way, we’re here to help you on your Bearcat journey.

Our model is designed to provide counseling when you need it, as soon as you need it. CAPS provides free, stand alone appointments that gives students fast access to single therapy sessions focused on their needs. If you are a UC student accessing services in Ohio, call CAPS at our main number, (513) 556-0648, to schedule a 30-minute virtual or in person session. Starting the first week of the semester, we have sessions available every weekday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. After you schedule, you'll receive an email from CAPS with instructions for how to complete your paperwork and connect to your appointment. 

While CAPS can't provide telemental health services outside of Ohio, there are a lot of options to support and consultation about your mental wellness goals if you are out of state. Check out our online mental wellness resources section below for more information, and feel free to contact CAPS if you have questions about how to access mental health services where you are located. We also have a telehealth access office at CAPS if you would prefer virtual services, but reside in Kentucky or Indiana. 

During this meeting with a counselor, you will discuss your mental health goals and develop a support plan for your immediate needs. You and your counselor will decide together what the best next steps are for you. This might look like trying out online self-help resources, calling for another same day session if needed, trying out a virtual therapy group, scheduling a brief follow-up appointment to check-in on your progress, or starting short-term individual therapy. 

CAPS is a great fit for a lot of student’s mental health needs, but sometimes more support is needed. If CAPS brief mental health services will not help you meet your goals, our care management team can provide support in helping you connect with community resources.

Most of our services, including single session therapy, are free! Please visit our fees and insurance page for a list of services that may have some costs. We provide fee waivers for many student groups, including students with financial concerns. 

Online Mental Wellness Resources

  • Racial Trauma Resources - A collection of information and campus and community resources for race based stress and trauma.
  • Let's Talk - A free virtual consultation program which provides easy access to conversations with clinicians from CAPS. This service is available for all UC students, located anywhere, who may not need traditional counseling, but could still benefit from one-on-one support.
  • Wellness Workshops - Join CAPS for free WebEx workshops on topics related to mental and emotional wellness. You can register for any of these workshops on our Campus Link page.
  • Therapy Assistance Online -TAO is a free interactive, web-based self-help program that provides online and mobile tools to help you overcome the day to day challenges around stressors like anxiety, depression, or other concerns.
  • Student Wellness Center Virtual Resources - A collection of virtual resources, apps, websites, podcasts, articles and more to help you maintain your health and wellness.
  • Reach Out - A free app available for smart phones that provides a wealth of information about mental health and suicide prevention for the UC community. 
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter to get updates about CAPS services and information about mental health resources.

Location, Hours, and Contact Information

Our campus office at 225 Calhoun Street is currently open for in person and telehealth services. Our business hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we close for lunch at noon. On Tuesday and Thursday, we are open from 8:30 am -7:00 pm. If you would like to leave a message for your current therapist, please call our main number at (513) 556-0648 and select "2" to leave a message. Your therapist will return your call as soon as possible. Please ensure that your voicemail is set up and not full. Please note, CAPS follows university closure policy.