Get Immediate Support

Crisis intervention services provide immediate access and support to students in need due to acute mental health crises.

Some situations require immediate attention. If a student's behavior is highly disruptive, creates a risk for others' safety, appears very disorganized or out of control, or if the student expresses an intent of self-harm or suicide, seek immediate assistance by calling CAPS at (513) 556-0648 and asking for the therapist on-call for emergencies, or call Public Safety at 911.

Crisis Walk-Ins

When individuals call our office to make an initial consultation appointment and they are in crisis or disclose concerns for safety of self or others, we may request you come into CAPS for a same-day appointment. 

After Hours

Students and members of the UC community concerned about students have access to care 24/7, 365 days in the year. Our after-hours crisis services provide care during evenings, weekends, and other times when we are closed. You may call our direct number at 513-556-0648 and press 1, to speak with a counselor 24/7.

Are you concerned about a student? 

If you want to discuss your concerns about a student with a staff member of CAPS, call our main line 513-556-0648 and request to speak to a counselor for consultation. We will listen to your concerns and provide specific guidance and advice tailored to the situation.

We may suggest such approaches as:

  • talking with the student and how to do so
  • providing the student with some academic counseling or options
  • creating an agreement about behavioral expectations
  • referring the student to CAPS or other departments at UC
  • contacting the Dean of Students Office to describe your concern.