Meet with Peers

Connecting with peers provides an innovative way to supporting the community by promoting opportunities for student engagement, connection, and reducing barriers to mental health resources. Some of our peer engagement includes peer to peer initiatives including Bearcats Support Network (BSN) and Sky@UC.

Bearcats Support Network

Bearcats Support Network is a community of students that fundamentally work to destigmatize mental health while holistically working to create a network that is supportive, loving, and inclusive through peer-to-peer support groups and monthly social events.

Weekly Group Meetings

We offer weekly group meetings in which members are given space to address their mental and emotional wellbeing in a safe and confidential environment. These meetings are led by two to three group leaders who have been trained by our sponsors at CAPS and UC Health.

Kickback Fridays

Kickback Friday events are a fun and safe Friday night alternative that occur once a month. These events can range anywhere from a movie and meditation nights, spoken word poetry and game nights, to kickball at Nippert, or bringing in a professional speaker. These events aim to build a strong sense of community among the BSN community. All Kickback Friday events are free and open to all members of BSN.


CAPS and the Student Wellness Center has collaborated with SKY@UC to foster a peer-supported mental well-being bearcat community. Under this initiative, students will be offered scholarships to learn evidence-based SKY Breath Meditation, participate in Silence Retreats, and be trained to facilitate meditation and wellness workshops. Connect with SKY@UC on CampusLINK!

Bearcats Recovery Community

The Bearcats Recovery Community is a program designed to support UC students in or seeking recovery from alcohol, drugs and other addictions. The BRC and its programs allow students to have an authentic college experience at UC while maintaining their recovery. 

LGBTQ Center Affinity Groups

The LGBTQ Center and their THRIVE Mentor program recently launched several affinity groups to create connection amongst peers. Check out CampusLINK for more information.