Get to Know Keysha Alston, LPCC-S (She|Her)

Keysha sits in her office

Student Initiatives Coordinator| Clinical Counselor

Keysha Alston, she/her, is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC-S) located at the UC CAPS Calhoun location. She is the Student Initiatives Coordinator and is a part of the Community Engagement Team at CAPS. She is a liaison to Veteran Program and Services (VPS) and Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD). She graduated from the University of West Florida with a master’s in psychology focused in counseling and is licensed to practice in Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina.
Keysha’s therapeutic approach is general and broad, based on the client’s needs, but she is informed by Existential and Gestalt theories and has strong interests working with students who are working through self-harm, depression, relationship concerns (including friendships!), trauma, exploring identity, and using metaphor/art to dig deeper into thoughts/feelings. She hopes to support clients by making space for them to explore how their intersectional identities have informed who they are today, to identify possible generational trauma/harm, to name how larger systems have caused harm, and to assist clients in accessing their power to make change for themselves. She actively brings awareness to the positions she holds and how this could impact the therapeutic relationship and the work. Keysha views herself as a witness first and then co-captain in a client’s journey toward understanding self and their connection with others.  
When not at work, Keysha is looking out windows for birds, watching her partner play videogames, trying to make more time for SoulCollage™, and being present with her young kiddo. Her favorite bands are Sigur Ros and Ani DiFranco, which were helpful in her own healing journey.  When she needs to take time for herself, she goes outside to deep breath and look at the sky or makes time for exercise or making a meal. 

Something I like about myself: My sense of humor, my taste in music, and leaning into humility. 

Coping skills I recommend to clients that I actually use myself: Making sleep a priority and holding myself accountable to sleep. When I don’t get good sleep, my mood shifts! I also take time to put my phone down and connect with my surroundings, whether that is with people or nature. And I often recommend folx consider saying “no” to things that no longer serve them, something I learned myself. 

Instagram accounts I follow for my mental health: @morganharpernichols, @minaa_b, , @theempoweredtherpist, @michellcclark, @millennial.therapist, @_lisaolivera, @ijeomaoluo, @dr.marielbuque