Get to Know Whitney Richardson, M.Ed, LPCC-S, CCTP (She|Her)

Whitney in her office

Embedded Program Coordinator | Embedded Counselor, UC Clermont

Whitney Richardson, she/her, is a licensed professional clinical counselor with a supervisory designation and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Whitney serves as the embedded counselor for UC Clermont. She is the Embedded Services Coordinator. Whitney graduated from the University of Louisville with a Master’s in Education in Mental Health Counseling. She is independently licensed as a clinical counselor in the states of Ohio and Kentucky.

Whitney’s therapeutic approach is relational and collaborative in nature and is rooted in respecting the humanity, autonomy, and dignity of the individual. Whitney’s style is influenced by trauma informed principles of creating safety and trust and supporting the individual’s voice and choice. Whitney believes that connection is created by bringing your whole self to an interaction and enjoys connecting through curiosity, humor, humility, and transparency. Whitney continuously works to recognize her own privilege and position in the community and in the therapeutic space and makes space to recognize and process the impact of cultural, historical, and gender issues on individuals’ intersecting identities. Through collaboration and connection, Whitney strives to create a therapeutic experience that is unique and specific to the individual’s identity, experiences, and needs. Whitney and the student will explore together which styles and techniques would be the best fit for them and the most effective in meeting their goals. She has an interest in working with and supporting survivors of generational, gender-based, and identity-based trauma as well as supporting students who experience anxiety, depression, adjustment, neurodivergence, shifts in relationship, identity exploration, and grief and loss.

Something I like about myself: My sense of humor, my curiosity, and my improvisational cooking style.

If I were not in this line of work, I would be: An art historian with a focus on architecture.

Instagram accounts I follow for my mental health: @thebodyisnotanapology, @livefromsnacktime, @blacktherapistsrock, @britishbakeoff, @neffselfcompassion, @mynameisjessamyn, @sarahbethyoga, @inclusivetherapists, @nationalparkservice