Get to Know James Colmar (He|Him)

James in his office

James Colmar (he/him) is an intern in Doctoral Psychology at CAPS center on Calhoun Street. He achieved a master's degree in clinical psychology from Wright State University and is completing a doctoral internship for his Psy.D. He considers his approach an integrative one, working from both a cognitive-behavioral and a client-centered perspective. He considers clients to be important co-leaders in the therapy process, coming to the table as experts in their own experiences when determining the course of therapy. James works most frequently with clients that are struggling with their mood or with impactful experiences from their pasts.

When not at work, James does just about every nerdy activity imaginable from video games to board games to tabletop roleplaying games. He has even integrated some of these hobbies into his dissertation work. He feels strongly that play is not limited to childhood, and that it can be extremely therapeutic to adults as well.

Why did I become a counselor: When I was young, I saw people around me hiding so much pressure and pain behind a forced smile. As I grew, I decided I would work to give people a safe place to find release for that tension.

A book that has impacted me: Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Coping skills I recommend to clients that I actually use myself: Paced breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, challenging negative thoughts about myself.