Get to Know Zacary Tabler, LSW (He|Him)

Zacary sitting in his office

Clinical Fellow

Zac Tabler (he/him) is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) located at the UC CAPS Calhoun location. He is a graduate of the Master of Social Work program (MSW) at UC and also holds a Master of Arts in World Literatures and Cultures from the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. Zac’s clinical practice pulls from relational and attachment theories, as well as humanistic and narrative approaches. He believes in the intrinsic strengths within each person and strives to utilize a systems perspective when working with clients. He has worked with the college population in some capacity for over five years and truly values hearing clients’ stories as they navigate this exciting and challenging time of life. Zac has a particular interest in working with the LGBTQIA+ community and students of multiple identities and backgrounds but welcomes the opportunity to support students in any area of their life. Zac believes in working collaboratively with his clients, walking alongside them in their journey and meeting them where they are.  

Three more things about me: 

If I wasn’t in this line of work, I would be: a professional musician or teacher 

What I do in my free time: play video games, read, exercise, play music, bake, or crochet 

Coping skills I recommend to clients that I actually use myself: grounding techniques, physical movement, breathing exercises, and mindfulness