Get to Know Gianluca Bruno, MA, LPCC-S (He|Him)

Gianluca standing outside

Comtemplative Practices Coordinator | Embedded Counselor, College of Arts & Sciences 

I strive to create a safe therapeutic relationship with my clients, characterized by empathic, confidential, and non-judgmental listening. I embark on a journey with my clients aimed at exploring life and making sense of existence in the light of disruptive factors, which may cause anxiety and discomfort. I specialize in the treatment of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, life meaning, life transitions, identity, addictions, and grief.

My professional experience ranges from providing individual and relationship counseling, to substance use treatment; to working with children and families with a history of trauma and neglect.

Training and certifications: SBIRT; T-JTA; LSCI

Podcast I enjoy: Hidden Brain; SciFri; Unlocking Us; Modern Love.

Chill skills I recommend to clients which I use myself: Hiking and outdoor activities; Dancing; Spending time with friends; Listening to music; Exercising.