Doctoral Practicum Training Program

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in the Doctoral Practicum Training Program at CAPS at the University of Cincinnati! Currently, we offer a graduate-level, intermediate practicum training program for counseling psychology and clinical psychology doctoral students. Trainees will gain experience and training in the various activities of a university counseling center including individual counseling, outreach, group counseling, brief screening and triage, and consultation. The training program adheres to a developmental model of training; supervision and training activities are tailored to meet the individual developmental needs of the trainees.

Training Mission Statement of CAPS at the University of Cincinnati

The staff at CAPS is dedicated to providing a high quality of service to the campus community of the University of Cincinnati.  We also believe in providing the same high standard and quality of training to those students who participate in the CAPS’s Doctoral Practicum Training Program.  Consistent with UC’s mission statement, CAPS is committed to providing service and training opportunities that advance the academic and personal growth needs of students. CAPS seeks to encourage self-awareness, personal responsibility and healthy interpersonal relationships within a diverse environment.  Our staff is dedicated to the education and training of psychologists-in-training, focusing on experience-based learning.  Our goal is to provide trainees with the necessary training and experience to help them develop the skills and professional identity requisite to become competent professionals and effective multicultural therapists.  Supervisors and other staff will assess the developmental needs of each trainee and work to tailor training activities to meet these needs. 

The staff at CAPS is committed to issues of diversity.  Please note that the CAPS staff and our trainees adhere to the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (CCPTP) Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity.

Practicum Training Program Components

Our training program offers trainees a full range of experiences found within a university counseling center which includes individual counseling, group counseling, triage, routine and urgent intakes, case consultation, and outreach.  Trainees will work 20 hours per week at CAPS.  Ten of these hours will be spent conducting clinical (face-to-face) service with an additional 10 hours per week of training, supervision, and administrative tasks.  The majority of clinical time is spent providing intakes and individual therapy although we also provide opportunities for trainees to provide Brief Screening and Consultations (triage) and to co-lead a process or support group each semester but we cannot guarantee these latter experiences.  Additionally, due to the nature of the academic school semester, trainees’ caseloads do not completely fill until several weeks into the semester and also may decrease during the winter break.  Please note that if you plan to park on UC’s campus, you will need to purchase a parking permit.  Information about parking rates can be found here. There are other less expensive options available which we will be happy to discuss with you.

Hours and Orientation

Orientation:  Trainees will spend 3-4 days during the first week of the program in orientation activities.  Dates will be announced but orientation typically begins the week before the Fall semester.  During orientation, trainees will familiarize themselves with the office procedures, and ethical guidelines of CAPS.

Required Work Hours:  CAPS is open Monday-Friday from 8:00-5:00.  The program requires a two-semester commitment starting in August and ending in May.  Students accepted to the program will be required to work 20 hours/week over the course of at least three days per week and all students must be available to work on Wednesdays from 8:00-12:00 in order to attend required administrative and clinical meetings.  CAPS  is closed daily from 12:00-1:00; this hour can be used for administrative duties.  Trainees are expected to work over finals week and the winter break but may take time off when approved in advance.  Two weeks off is given during the week of Christmas and the week after. 

Clients and Services

Clients:  Trainees are expected to see approximately 8 therapy clients per week, and perform 2 routine intakes or 4 Rapid Access appointments per week, and attend all required meetings.  All independent sessions will be videotaped with the written consent of clients.  Trainees may have opportunities to co-lead groups or other clinical experiences but these are not guaranteed training experiences.

Outreach:  Trainees will be expected to conduct at least three scheduled outreach presentations per semester (total of 6). 

Supervision and Case Consultation

Individual Supervision:  Trainees will receive  one hour/week of individual supervision by either a licensed psychologist or a doctoral psychology intern under the umbrella supervision of a licensed psychologist.

Supervision of Group:  Trainees will receive 30 minutes/week of individual supervision from their co-leader.

Case Consultation:  Trainees are expected to attend and participate in a one hour case consultation meeting which meets every week. 


We currently have unpaid positions available for our Doctoral Practicum Training Program. All potential trainees must meet the following requirements to apply for our training program:

  1. Currently enrolled in a doctoral-level counseling or clinical psychology program from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Completed a theories or psychotherapy course which includes diagnosis and basic counseling micro-skills training (e.g., reflective listening, open ended questions, empathy).
  3. Completed at least one year of a counseling practicum prior to beginning our training program.
  4. Be available to work Wednesdays from 8:00-12:00 when most of the center administrative meetings and training seminars are scheduled.
  5. We do not accept practicum students who were previously seen as therapy clients at CAPS.

Applicants should submit a cover letter (briefly describing your interest in our site) and a current vita to the Director of Clinical Training (DCT) in your academic department. Applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be invited to interview with at least two members of CAPS Selection Committee .  Interviews usually last approximately 60 minutes.  There are a limited number of openings for each year's practicum program.  If you have any questions regarding the Intermediate Practicum Training Program, please call (513) 556-0648.