Get to Know Emily Naveira (She|Her)

Emily sitting in her office

Psychology Intern

Emily Naveira (She/Her) is a doctoral psychology intern at the UC CAPS 225 Calhoun location. She received her M.Ed. in counseling and is completing her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Houston. Emily predominantly uses an existential-humanistic approach to therapy and incorporates multicultural and feminist theory to build a therapy experience that is customized to the client and their unique needs. She strives to authentically meet students where they are and to work collaboratively to find what will work best for them. Emily believes the client to be the expert in their own life and joins students in helping them find balance and meaning within their lives and selves. A focus of her therapy is often values-based exploration and finding ways for clients to feel more comfortable in expressing their authentic selves.

In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, traveling, bouldering, and spending time with her dog. 

Coping skills I recommend that I actually use myself: journaling, walking with my dog, meditation, and spending time with friends

Instagram accounts I follow for my mental health: @britchida, @amoderntherapist, @memestodiscussintherapy, @latinxenpsicologia, @the.holistic.psychologist

Podcasts I love: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Dear Hank and John, SciShow Tangents, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness