Get to Know Debra J. Love, MSW, LSW (She|Her)

Debra in her office

Community Engagement Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator | Social Worker

Debra J. Love, MSW, LSW, she/her/hers, is a Licensed Professional Social Worker located at the CAPS office on Calhoun. She serves as the Coordinator of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Community Engagement, liaison to the African American Cultural Resource Center and the UC Police Community Engagement Unit.  She is also helping to create safe spaces for and with the African American Cultural Resource Center students to allow conversations about their experiences at a predominantly white institution (PWI). 

Debra’s therapeutic approach is grounded in a holistic perspective and focused on empowering students to identify what from their experience is affecting the present and how to use what they already possess to enact healing and connection to self and others.  Her hope is to provide students with a space to guide their own treatment and to support and validate their concerns as well as goals for treatment. 

When not at work, Debra is spending lots of time traveling with family and friends to continue to keep herself connected to that which uplifts her life.  She loves the ocean, the sound of waves crashing up against themselves and everything around it and how powerful the sound is as a metaphor for real life: sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous, but always Impactful!