Get to Know Kelli Wierzbicki, PhD (She|Her)

Kelli standing outside

Staff Clinician

Kelli Wierzbicki, she/her, is a staff clinician at the UC CAPS Calhoun location. Kelli completed her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Memphis and she has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Arkansas. Kelli predominately uses cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approaches. Kelli believes people are influenced by their environment and their experiences, and aims to create warm, safe spaces for clients to share their stories. Kelli strives to always support others using a DEI lens and acknowledging the impact of systems. She believes clients are the experts of their own experiences and is happy to join alongside them to understand themselves and empower them to make changes.

What I like to do when I’m not at work: Hiking, playing with my dogs, and playing board games with my wife

Coping skills I recommend to clients that I actually use myself: Deep breathing, practicing good sleep hygiene, and mindfulness with a cup of tea

What I do to take care of myself and a challenging day: Do jigsaw puzzles/crafts or look at pictures of baby animals, including the newest additions to the Cincinnati Zoo!