Morgan Bullard, PhD (She|Her)

Morgan sitting in her office

Clinical Fellow

Morgan Bullard (she/her) is a clinical fellow at the CAPS Calhoun location. Morgan graduated with a master’s in mental health counseling and completed her PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Memphis. Morgan predominately utilizes a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach but considers herself to be an eclectic therapist who uses a variety of techniques to meet clients where they are. At the core of Morgan’s work is developing a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment to explore client concerns. Morgan loves working with college students as many are at a formative time in life engaging in exploration and reflection of values, beliefs, boundaries, previous life experiences, and navigating life adjustments. 

In Morgan’s free time, she enjoys hiking, spending time outside with her dogs, and cooking. Morgan is an avid basketball fan and her favorite form of self-care is to play basketball on the concrete patio “court” in her backyard.

Coping skills I recommend to clients that I actually use myself: The 5 senses grounding exercise, creating and maintaining to-do lists, progressive muscle relaxation before bed

Podcasts I love: Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata, You Can Sit with Us, Stuff You Should Know, This Might Get Weird