Get to Know Anthony Sumpter, PsyD (He|Him)

Anthony sits in his office

Anthony Sumpter, he/him, is a Staff Clinician located at the UC CAPS Calhoun location. He is a liaison to the University of Cincinnati Athletic Department. He graduated from the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University located in Dayton, Ohio with a doctorate in clinical psychology. Anthony is currently pursuing licensure to practice in the state of Ohio. 

Anthony has had a generalist training in that he has experience treating clients with a variety of concerns. His approach to conducting therapy is client centered and collaborative. He views his clients as being extremely capable and having a lot of the answers to their questions within themselves. His goal is to help clients find the answers within them and to depend on their own individual strengths. He is very concerned about developing a strong therapeutic relationship with clients to make sure they feel safe and heard in his office. Anthony has specific clinical interests in working with individuals who experience discrimination and oppression related to race, gender, sexual orientation, and other identity factors. Anthony enjoys working with men who are struggling due to the impact of a patriarchal system. Anthony has experiences working with numerous presenting concerns including trauma, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, interpersonal/relational conflicts, and life transitions. Anthony has been EMDR basic training certified. Anthony also has a strong passion for working with student-athletes and high performers manage mental health and performance concerns, and specific stressors related to their field (i.e. sport performance, music and performing arts, and business owners/management). Anthony enjoys working with previous who have recently “retired” or those current athletes who are approaching the end of their athletic careers. 

Anthony was born and raised in Northwest Ohio. Anthony spends much of his time with his family and two dogs. He loves binge-watching Netflix, reading a good book, and/or listening to music or a podcast. Anthony also enjoys lifting weights and continues to be a huge fan of all sports, but especially football. Anthony was a former Division-II college football player at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio and is involved in helping families with young athletes to maximize and enjoy the benefits of athletics.  

 Three more things about me:

A book that has impacted me: The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance (Josh Waitzkin) and Man’s Search for Meaning (Viktor E. Frankl)

Coping skills I recommend to clients that I actually use myself: 

  1. Building and instilling mindfulness by engaging in mindful breathing for 8 minutes a day

  1.  Practicing guided meditation and utilizing Progressive Muscle Relaxation!

  1.  Getting outside and enjoying nature as much as possible

Why I became a therapist?

I became a therapist in order to help others alleviate their suffering so they can live the life they want, and to serve my community and people who look like me! I quit playing football way before my time because of mental health issues and I did not have the support I needed. Also, the Black community is impacted disproportionately by mental health issues, and often there are not many therapists who understand some of the experiences that we face in the U.S. So I wanted to be able to be there for other people of color and bring my own life experiences and understanding to better serve the community.