Get to Know Shane Gibbons, PhD (He|They)

Shane in their office

Group Coordinator | Licensed Psychologist

Life is hard. It can be confusing, uncomfortable, and unpredictable. And in the face of life's challenges, we can easily convince ourselves that we are insufficient, flawed, and inept. But I firmly believe that no one is permanently broken or fundamentally flawed. Rather, I am convinced that we try our best to navigate life’s challenges using the tools and gifts we were given. We hold the ability to change ourselves, our relationships, and communities, if only we have supportive spaces and communities which support our growth. 

I am a licensed Psychologist and Group Therapy Services Coordinator at the UC CAPS Calhoun location. He is a liaison to the Gen-1 Impact House and UC College of Law. I approach counseling as a collaborative process in which both client and therapist bring their individual expertise. I incorporate interpersonal, brief psychodynamic, and feminist in my approach and believe the therapeutic relationship provides a safe and supportive space to explore new understandings, experiences, and skills. My clinical interests include power-based trauma recovery, interpersonal/relationship concerns, identity exploration, family dynamics, group therapy, and healthy masculinities.

I place immense importance on working from a culturally humble and socially just perspective. I value the nuances of our intersecting identities, communities, and life experiences. My commitment to continual exploration and understanding of my identities, communities, and the intersections of my own privileges and oppression serves as my foundation for working with students. I have a special interest in working with historically marginalized communities. My training includes intentional placements in organizations focused on gender equities, healthy masculinities, combating poverty and classism-based traumas. I also provide outreach to first-generation college students and other historically marginalized communities. 

When I’m not at work, you’re likely to find me hiking, trying new restaurants and foods, woodworking, doodling, or playing video games. I love the summer and soaking up the sun.