Get to Know Desiree Gonzales, IMFT (She|Her)

Desiree sitting

Embedded Counselor, UC Blue Ash

Desiree Gonzales, she/her, is an Independently Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (IMFT) located at the UC Blue Ash location. She is the Embedded Staff Clinician at UC Blue Ash.  She graduated from Alliant International University with a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and is licensed to practice in Ohio. Desiree has also been trained in Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) and is EMDR Basics trained.  

Desiree’s therapeutic approach is person-centered and informed by a systems perspective focused on understanding how the system(s) we grew up within or are apart of, have shaped the way we view the world and ourselves. Desiree believes each person is an expert on their lives and lived experiences and invites clients to work collaboratively with her to tap into their inner self to promote greater self-awareness and acceptance, foster areas of growth and assist clients in reaching their goals. Desiree has a strong interest working with students who are working through trauma, relationship concerns, addictions, life transitions, identity formation and boundary work. 

Currently, I am listening to this podcast: Shrink Chicks. I love this podcast because they do a phenomenal job at discussing different mental health topics in an easy to understand, fun and relatable way for all listeners to enjoy.  

Instagram accounts I follow for my mental health: @nedratawwab, @mindfulmft, @risingwoman, @themompsychologist 

What I do to take care of myself after a challenging day/time/situation: Allow myself time to rest and feel whatever emotion is coming up for me. After some time to myself, I will usually talk to a friend or family member about what’s coming up for me and then engage an activity that brings me joy such as crafting, cooking, a fun play activity with my daughter or bingeing a show while eating junk food.