While at the University of Cincinnati, your student will encounter many opportunities to become involved outside of their classroom experience. Membership within a fraternity or sorority can be a positive experience that will last a lifetime! It is important that parents and guardians be educated about the enriching experiences that your students will find by getting involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

At the University of Cincinnati, membership in a fraternity or sorority offers a home away from home and encourages individual development within a smaller group of friends in the larger University environment. Fraternities and sororities support students that have a common set of values, including brotherhood/sisterhood, academic excellence, leadership development, diversity, a sense of community, and philanthropy and service. 

While your students time in college will come to an end, membership in a fraternity or soroirty lasts a lifetime. This lifelong bond encourages continued growth and involvement. As members of these organizations, students are offered the opportunity to develop as leaders, serve the local community and Inter/National organizations, focus on academics, and their careers while networking with other members. 

Students have the ability to make their fraternity or sorority experience as involved as they would like! Specific commitments will vary depending on the chapter, however, most hold weekly meetings for new and active members, as well as ritual and philanthropy events throughout the semester. All members have the opportunity to attend a variety of activities to met new people, learn about their organizaiton, and develop leadership skills! Events are planned in advance so as to allow time for studying, work, and other commitments. 

Most organizations have "one-time" expenses such as a new member and/or initiation fee. Recurring expenses can include chapter dues, which go toward chapter programming, operating expenses, brotherhood/sisterhood events, and socials. The total cost and collection time period will typically vary depending on the chapter.

Academic achievement is typically a core value for all fraternities and sororities! Each hold specific GPA requirements for joining and to remain in good standing within the chapter. Academic programming occurs throughout membership in order to aid in their success! As such, the All-Fraternity and All-Sorority GPAs are consistently higher than the Undergraduate average. 

Hazing violates our Fraternity & Sorority Life Community Guidelines, the policies of Inter/National organizations, our University policies, and the state laws of Ohio. Please refer to our Organizational Misconduct page for more information.

As a parent, you can be supportive of your students efforts to join a chapter. Learn as much about the fraternities and sororities at the University of Cincinnati as you can! Allow your student to make their own choice, especially if you were a member of an organization. Have conversations beforehand about the financial, academic, and time commitments - it is important to know if there are any limitations prior to joining a chapter. We encourage you to participate in chapter and University sponsored events for parents, families, and alumni! 
Your support should not end after recruitment or intake, but continue throughout your students time at the University of Cincinnati!