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Membership in a fraternity or sorority comes with an implication of being held to a higher standard. While this affiliation affords members certain privileges, it also bears greater responsibility. Peer accountability and self-governance are key principles to the development of our members, and the success of our community, however, self-governance is a privilege, not a right. Failure to uphold expectations and comply with all university rules, including student organization policies, FSL policies, the Student Code of Conduct, domestic and international travel policies, governing council policies, inter/national organization policies, and local, state, and federal laws risk jeopardizing this privilege.

Fraternity & Sorority Life Community Policy Documents

At the University of Cincinnati, all members of fraternity & sorority life are expected to review, understand, and follow all Fraternity & Sorority Life Community Policy Documents. The following resources for can be found on CampusLINK in the Fraternity & Sorority Life portal, or respective chapter portal:

  • Fraternity & Sorority Life Community Guidelines
  • Intake Policies (NPHC/MGC)

Please find the most commonly used resources below:

August 3, 2020 

Dear UC Fraternity & Sorority Student Leaders, 

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is the utmost priority for the University of Cincinnati. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to lessen the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission, Fraternity & Sorority Life and Student Activities and Leadership Development have adopted the following guidelines and considerations for student organizations in alignment with the University of Cincinnati’s COVID-19 Response Plan and the Stay Safe Ohio Information in place regarding physical distancing and size of gatherings. Registered Student Organization (RSO)* activities will operate within the following guidelines during the Fall 2020 semester.  

*RSOs include all student organizations, fraternity & sorority chapters, and club sports. 

The document is an addendum to the current University of Cincinnati Registered Student Organization Handbook.   

Student Organization Meetings and Events

  • Student Organizations should consider virtual meetings and only meet in person if it is essential to the organization and meets the following criteria: 

  • Gathering maximum indoors AND outdoors is 10. 

  • Attendees must wear facial coverings. 

  • Meet social distancing guidelines as defined by Ohio and CDC health and safety guidelines. 

  • Student Organizations may not require members to attend in person meetings or events. 

  • All in person business meetings must offer a virtual option to accommodate members that may not want or be able to meet in person. 

  • For any other questions regarding events, please visit the Return to Campus Guide – Events page. 

Food Events

  • Events or activities providing food should use pre-packaged or individually boxed servings of food and canned or bottled beverages. 

  • No self-serve buffet or beverage station options permitted. 

  • Catered meals may be provided by trained food service professional entities that demonstrate compliance with recommended food safety protocols. 

Performance Based Activities (singing, theater, dance, instruments...)

  • In accordance with the Ohio Orders, theater, singing, and dance activities with a face-to-face audience are suspended. 

  • As the Ohio Orders change this guidance will also change. Room capacity and the ability to comply with physical distancing and face covering requirements will impact when/where/how audiences are permitted to participate. 

  • Practices for performance-based organizations should be held with strict physical distancing, face covering/face shield use, with no physical touching, or held virtually when possible. 

  • Consider the use of outdoor space for practices or performances where members and others can appropriately physically distance. 

  • Follow room capacity requirements and seek the largest space available if your practice occurs indoors. 

Speakers, Lecturers, Performers, and other Campus Guests

  • Before inviting guests, lecturers, or speakers to campus, please review the Return to Campus Invited Guest Policy

  • Guest speakers and lectures should be conducted as virtual events for both the speaker and audience members. If folks would like to gather to watch a speaker, gathering size limitations, social distancing, and mask wearing guidelines must be met. 

Events or Organization that bring Minors to Campus

  • Suspended for Fall 2020 

Additional Prohibited in Person Events

These events must be made virtual, postponed, or cancelled. 

  • Banquets and Galas 

  • Ceremonies and Award Programs 

  • Dances or Similar Social Events 


  • TUC Cinema will not offer movie showings at this time. 

Religious Activities

  • Must follow student organization policies for gathering. Exceptions will not be made for gatherings larger than 10 people. 

Conference & Event Services 

  • Campus Scheduling Definitions: 
    • Event – An event is a meeting, workshop, etc. not related to academics.  The maximum attendance for events/general meetings is 10.  This is per the UC’s The University published the Return to Campus Guide on July 1, which included guidelines that apply to campus events , including a 10 person gathering limit for campus events. 
    • Academic Events –  An event which is considered an academic function. If you would like to have between 11-50 attendees for an academic event, your Dean and Chris Lewis must approve the academic event.  After these approvals are received, the event can be scheduled in a centrally scheduled classroom. Approval will need to be emailed to campsched@ucmail.uc.edu 
  • TUC Great Hall and 400ABC will not be available to be reserved for Fall 2020. 

  • TUC Cinema will not offer movie showings at this time. 

  • If you have questions about room scheduling, contact CES directly. 

Student Organization Travel

  • University travel is limited to essential travel only, which includes student organization travel at this time. As such, university funding cannot be allocated to travel related expenses. 

  • Conferences, Service Trips, Competitions or other organized activities outside of the State of Ohio are strongly discouraged and may require students to self-isolate for two weeks upon return to campus.  

  • Return to Campus Travel Policy

Third Party Vendor Off Campus Events/Day Trips

  • Destinations for off-campus travel / events should align with university recommendations for safety and social distancing. For instance: 
    • Event spaces should align with on-campus social distancing norms. 
    • Food services should align with on-campus food safety guidelines. 
    • Space capacity should align with on-campus guidelines for density, etc. 

Overnight Retreats

  • Suspended for Fall 2020 

Student Organization Funding

  • Allocated funding is available for events that meet social distancing guidelines as defined by Ohio and CDC health and safety guidelines.  

  • Funding is available for virtual programming and retreats.  

  • Student organization travel is not considered essential at this time and will not be permitted. 

  • RSO funding allocation processes will be released in the coming weeks. 


  • All tabling is suspended for Fall 2020 

  • Student Organizations are not permitted to disperse flyers, giveaways, or other items to limit the spread of germs.  

  • In-person sales, including bake sales, are prohibited. 

Student Organization Mail

  • Organizations with mailboxes should be checked weekly (at a minimum). 

  • Information on package pick up will be provided later. 

Accountability & Community Standards 

Helping to mitigate COVID-19 transmission is a shared responsibility. Students who fail to adhere to COVID-19 policies and protocols may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct.  

Resources & Moving Forward

The guidelines and suspensions of certain activities may be extended beyond Fall 2020 as a result of recommendations from Hamilton County Department of Public Health and the State of Ohio. 

Additional detailed information for Fraternity & Sorority Life and Club Sports organizations will be emailed separately.  

If you have questions or concerns regarding your specific organization, please contact your organization advisor. Additional questions should be directed to the specific area of your question: 

Campus Resources 



Fraternity & Sorority Life


*We will communicate policy updates and changes in the Organization Insider, FSL Website, and CampusLINK homepage.  

All students, including fraternity and sorority members, are also expected to abide by University of Cincinnati Campus Policies and State/Federal laws.