Headshot of Maureen G. Schomaker

Maureen G. Schomaker

Professor, CCPS CEAS Co-op

140.01 University Pavilion


Maureen Schomaker is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning (ProPEL) at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio.  Professor Schomaker holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Instructional Design and Technology and has been teaching in higher education since 1999.  Professor Schomaker has been advising and teaching cooperative education students since 2008 and currently advises Civil Engineering co-op students at the University of Cincinnati.   Professoer Schomaker has presented nationally and internationally on co-operative education.

Professor Schomaker has been actively involved in international experiential learning since 2012 and has led a short term study abroad to Italy and Spain since 2013.   She co-chaired a committee to develop a strategic plan to increase the number of international experiential learning opportunities for the Division of Professional Practice at the University of Cincinnati.  

Professor Schomaker is an official site reviewer for the Accreditation Council for Cooperative Education. and Internships.  She was appointed to the Ohio Board of Regent’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) With a Purpose Network and Working Groups and is a member of the University of Cincinnati’s PLA Taskforce.  Professor Schomaker is Co- Chair of the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning’s Curriculum Committee. 


Description of Committee

The charge of the Governance Committee is to review these By-Laws and propose amendments, clarify, and strengthen the involvement and training of Faculty on University committees, monitor governance policies and practices to ensure effective Faculty involvement in University decision making, and assist faculty with governance issues occurring within their college or academic unit.

Committee Members
Name Term Email
Arlene Johnson (Libraries) 2021-23
Regina Truhart (CCM) 2021-23
Sarai Hedges (A&S) 2021-23
Richard Miller (CEAS) 2022-24
George Okere (CEAS) 2022-24
Anne Roma (CAHS) 2022-24


  • Review Faculty Senate By-laws, propose amendments/changes as necessary
  • Solidify Faculty engagement on University committees
  • Monitor governance policies and practices
  • Assist Faculty with governance issues within their respective college or academic unit


  • 6 total elected members
  • Members elected to serve two year term
  • Terms will be staggered, 3 elected in odd years; 3 elected in even years