Research & Scholarship


Headshot of Gian Andrea A. Rassati

Gian Andrea A. Rassati

Associate Professor, CEAS - Civil Eng

765C Baldwin Hall


Dr. Rassati earned a PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of Trieste in 2001. His research interests include steel and steel-concrete composite structures, with particular interest on lateral force resisting systems, dynamic behavior of structures, and earthquake engineering.  He is licensed as a professional engineer in Italy, and he is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, of the American Institute of Steel Construction, of the Research Council on Structural Connections, and of ASTM International.

Description of Committee

The charge of the Research & Scholarship Committee is to identify relevant research and scholarship issues; recommend solutions to identified issues; recommend changes for the development and implementation f programs designed to support and reward research activity; and examine, review, and make recommendations to the Senate about proposals that affect faculty research and scholarship.

Committee Members
Name Term Email
Jenny Doctor (CCM) 2021-23
Megan Lamkin (CCPS) 2021-23
Seung-Yeon Lee (CAHS) 2021-23
Angel Anorga (UCBA) 2022-24
Sriparna Ghosh (UCBA) 2022-24
Ben Kelcey (CECH) 2022-24


  • Identify and recommend solutions to relevant research and scholarship issues
  • Recommend changes/modifications for development and implementation of programs intended to support and/or reward research activity
  • Review and make recommendations to the Senate about proposals affecting faculty research and scholarship


  • 6 total elected members
  • Members elected to serve two year term
  • Terms will be staggered, 3 elected in odd years; 3 elected in even years