Gender Equity & Inclusion (Title IX)

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Mission Statement

The Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion (OGEI) serves University of Cincinnati students, faculty, staff, and visitors in ensuring equal access to University programs and activities in support of the University’s commitment to equity and inclusion.  OGEI works to ensure that all persons can work, live, and learn free from all forms of discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex.  OGEI coordinates the University’s comprehensive response to incidents of sex discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, and sexual coercion. 

The University encourages all individuals to report potential incidents of sexual harassment to the University’s Title IX Coordinator who works within OGEI.  Individuals can make a report and/or seek guidance from the Title IX Coordinator and OGEI staff by email, by phone, online, or in person.

Title IX Coordinator – Adrienne Lyles
Office: 308 USquare, 225 Calhoun St.
Phone: (513) 556-3349

Reports and Consultations in the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year began on July 1, 2023, and as of April 24, 2024, the Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion has received and responded to 555 reports and consultation requests. This information will be updated monthly.

During a consultation with OGEI, a client meets with a member of our staff to discuss concerns they may have related to gender equity and inclusion. Consultations can be scheduled to discuss concerns related to harassment, discrimination, or misconduct, or issues related to equity, inclusion, and access. Consultations are designed to assist the client in clarifying issues and identifying appropriate actions, options, possible solutions, and available resources and support. 

A report is a notification (which can be made via email, over the phone, in person, or anonymously) of an incident of alleged misconduct or of concerning conduct. A report is not a complaint. When OGEI receives a report, OGEI sends an email outreach to the impacted party offering resources and support options. A report alone does not initiate an investigation, a Formal Complaint, a report to law enforcement, a report to the impacted party’s employer/unit, or contact with the person alleged to have engaged in misconduct.

A complaint is a document filed and signed by a Complainant alleging misconduct by a named Respondent requesting a formal investigation into those allegations according to University policy.  

About Us

Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion Staff

Headshot of Adrienne Lyles, PhD, JD

Adrienne Lyles, PhD, JD

Executive Director and Title IX Coordinator, Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion

308 USquare, 225 Calhoun St., Cincinnati, OH 45221-0158

(513) 556-3349

Headshot of Sally Miller

Sally Miller

Title IX Investigator, Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion

Headshot of Morgan Shaw

Morgan Shaw

Title IX Investigator, Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion

Headshot of Alexa Justice

Alexa Justice

Title IX Investigator, Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion

(513) 556-3349

Headshot of Emma Jenkins

Emma Jenkins

Case Manager, Office of Gender Equity and Inclusion

(513) 556-3349

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Deputy Title IX Coordinators serve as a liaison between different departments and colleges within the University of Cincinnati and the Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion. Reports of possible Title IX violations may be made to the Title IX Coordinator or to one of the Deputy Title IX Coordinators identified below.

Jennifer Radt, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for UC ClermontAssistant Dean of Student Affairs & Services
4200 Clermont College Drive
(513) 732-8964

Maggie McKinley, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics
Deputy Athletic Director/SWA
Richard E. Linder Center
2751 O'Varsity Way, 878
(513) 556-3559

Dr. Juan Guardia, Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Steger 745
(513) 556-6814

Kasey Underwood, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty
Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs and Academic Personnel
Van Wormer Hall, 240A
(513) 556-1957

Matthew Crawford, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff
Associate Director of Employee and Labor Relations
University Hall, 51 Goodman Drive
(513) 556-0343