Climate Assessment

Working in partnership with units across campus, the Office of Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact designs, implements, and analyzes assessments of the working and/or learning environment within a given space. Working collaboratively with unit leadership, we use that data to create a plan for enhancing inclusive excellence within that environment.

Complaint Resolution

Allegations of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct submitted by students, faculty and/or staff are investigated and resolved through the Office of Equal Opportunity & Access and the Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion. 

Don't Cancel Class!

For faculty members/instructors, scheduling personal appointments or professional development opportunities can mean having to miss time in class. Our training team offers educational sessions covering a wide range of topics. These workshops are full of activities designed to make learning about diversity, equity and inclusion both fun and informative.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning refers to the process of raising awareness and building skills through participation in cross-cultural simulation followed by guided processing and reflection. Previous cultural simulation facilitated by the Office of Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact found statistically significant increase in cultural sensitivity, evidenced in paired samples t-tests.

Group Level Assessment (GLA)

GLA is a community-based, participatory, and collaborative research method that leads to the generation of data and subsequent action plans. Unlike traditional focus groups, GLA acknowledges the expertise of stakeholders. Working collaboratively with team members, the Office of Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact will develop prompts relevant to the needs of the group - facilitating the process of creating a common data set and plan of action.

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