Guiding Principles

Innovation, Inclusion & Impact

The University of Cincinnati’s diversity and inclusion efforts are guided by a plan that outlines six key goals with corresponding objectives, recommended strategies, and five year outcomes. We invite you to join us on our journey toward inclusive excellence.

Innovation- Challenging existing practices and paradigms and discovering the unknown.

Inclusion- Intentionally engaging all people and the contribution of diverse ideas.

Impact- Positively transforming our community and society in measurable ways.

Just Community Principles

The University of Cincinnati is a public comprehensive system of learning and research that serves a diverse student body with a broad range of interests and goals.

The faculty of the university produces world-renowned scholarship and nurtures innovation in and out of the classroom. As well, the faculty, staff and administration support an educational setting of excellence, opportunity and service.

In embracing our roles within this learning community, we subscribe to the defining purposes, traditions and diversity of the University of Cincinnati. Through our actions, we will strive to make the University of Cincinnati a more caring and just community.

As members of this community, we will

  • Accept Responsibility by striving to build a learning community committed to these common values and principles.
  • Celebrate the Uniqueness of Each Individual by respecting individual differences and promoting common interests.
  • Embrace Freedom and Openness by working to create an environment that is safe and affirming, one that nurtures independent thinking and the free and open expression of ideas.
  • Practice Civility by extending to those we meet the same respect, cooperation and caring that we expect from others.
  • Promote Justice by working to build a learning environment that offers everyone an equal opportunity to grow, flourish and contribute.
  • Pursue Learning and Scholarship by building on successes, learning from mistakes and pursuing quality in teaching, research and creative endeavors.
  • Seek Integrity by aspiring to the highest moral and ethical standards.
  • Strive for Excellence by aspiring to achieve our fullest potential in our educational and personal pursuits.

Bearcat Bond

"As a member of the University of Cincinnati, I will uphold the principles for a Just Community and the values of respect, responsibility, and inclusiveness. I will promote the highest levels of personal and academic honesty and aspire continuously to better myself, the Bearcat community, and the world."

Picture of bearcat mascot standing with the bearcat statue on campus