Equity & Inclusion Incentive Grants

2019 Request for Proposals

The University of Cincinnati is on a journey toward Inclusive Excellence - embracing the spectrum of diversity and infusing inclusion into every aspect of campus life.


The Equity & Inclusion Incentive Grant program seeks to support collaborative efforts between colleges and units that align with the Inclusive Excellence pathway in our University’s Strategic Direction. To advance those ideals, we seek to enhance belonging, agency, cultural competence, and accountability within and across the campus community. We define those constructs in the following ways:

Belonging: The degree to which one feels supported, connected, valued and respected.

Agency: The ability to use one’s personal power to impact positive change.

Cultural Competence: The awareness, knowledge and skills to interact comfortably across difference.

Accountability: The obligation of individuals to acknowledge their behaviors and decisions, accept responsibility for them and correct them, if necessary. The expectation for managers and leaders to ensure those in their charge comport themselves accordingly.


Students, faculty, and staff in all colleges and units within the university are eligible to apply.

Proposals must be collaborative in nature (college/college, college/unit, unit/unit).

Proposals involving multiple partners must identify a lead college or unit. A college/unit can only submit one proposal as a lead, but is not limited in the number of proposals it can participate in otherwise. The proposal must have approval from the head of the lead college/unit.

A 1:1 cash match is required. Matching funds will signal a strong commitment to the proposed program by the submitting college/unit. A clear letter of support and intent to fund the project from the Dean of the College or head of the unit must accompany the proposal at time of submission.

The Equity & Inclusion Incentive Grant program was designed to support new and innovative research and activities that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Therefore, projects that have not received funding through this program will be given priority. Grant administrators strongly encourage individuals, colleges, and units that have not received an E&I Incentive Grant to apply.

Proposal Format

For full consideration, the proposal should include a title and description addressing:

· The purpose of the project

        How does the project enhance belonging, agency, cultural competence, or accountability?

· The intended audience

        Who will participate in and benefit from this project?

· Proposed activities

        In what research or activity will you engage participants?

· A clearly defined timeline

        What is the anticipated date of each activity?

· Desired outcomes and methods for assessment

        What is your anticipated outcome and how will you determine success of the project?

· A viable plan for sustainability

        How will you continue the work beyond the Incentive Grant-funded year?

Project Budget

Grants may range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the project.

Provide an expense description, requested amount, and cost share. If applicable, indicate other sources of financial support.

Salaries for UC employees, stipends for student assistants, conference travel, and other indirect expenses will not be covered by this award.

No more than 25% of the award may be used to cover catering expenses.

Report Requirements

Grantees funded under this RFP will be required to report in two formats: 1) a final written report due at the end for the 2020 – 2021 academic year to the Vice President for Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact and 2) a presentation to the President’s Diversity Council or to the campus community through a university-wide forum.

For additional Information or to ask questions, please contact:

Dy’an Marinos or call 556-8463

Equity & Inclusion Incentive Grants

Proposal must be submitted no later than Friday, January 10th