University Honors Committee

The Committee on University Honors comprises thirteen members appointed by, and advisory to, the president of the university, including representatives from the following constituencies: trustees, cabinet, deans, faculty, students and the Cincinnati community. The term of service is two years and may be extended by reappointment.

After considering nominations and supporting materials, the committee forwards their recommendations to the Executive Committee of the President's Cabinet and to the Office of Legal Affairs for review. From the Executive Committee, nominations go to the president and then on to the Board of Trustees which has final decision-making authority for honorary degrees.

The Honors Committee holds four meetings each year and convenes at other times as necessary.

Committee Membership 2023
Name Title
Trisha Smith Chairperson, Honors Committee; Chief of Staff

Contact the Committee

For Inquiries Contact:
Office of the Board of Trustees


Mailing Address:
Chairperson, Honors Committee
Office of the Board of Trustees
University of Cincinnati
P. O. Box 210062
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0062

Office Location:
Office of the Board of Trustees
University of Cincinnati
University Pavilion, Room 614
2618 University Circle
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0062