Joseph Cortas

Student Trustee Joseph Cortas

Undergraduate Student Trustee
Term: 2023-2025

Joseph Cortas is a fourth-year student pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Valued by his peers for his thoughtful approach and dedication, he takes pride in contributing positively to the university community. Throughout his academic journey, Joseph has been honored with distinctions such as the University of Cincinnati Presidential Scholar, Structural Engineering Institute Student Scholar, and Kentucky Governor’s Scholar.

On campus, Joseph has actively contributed to various executive positions within student government, most recently serving as Vice President of Collegiate Affairs for the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Joseph's engagement extends beyond student government, where he is an active member of student organizations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineering Institute, College of Engineering and Applied Science Ambassadors, and CEAS Tribunal. These experiences have allowed him to learn and grow alongside his peers in service of the university community.

Recently appointed by Governor Mike DeWine as the Undergraduate Student Trustee, Joseph embraces this esteemed position with gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility. Representing the undergraduate student body, he is committed to providing valuable input and insights during the university's decision-making process. With a passion for fostering growth and innovation, Joseph envisions a university that thrives on diversity, inclusion, and creativity. He believes in expanding student services, supporting student-led initiatives, and strengthening connections with the community to create an enriching educational environment for all students. With a collaborative approach, Joseph firmly believes that a more impactful, inclusive, and innovative future awaits the university, city, and state, aligning with the University of Cincinnati's mission and vision.