2021 Summer Commencement Ceremony

NEXT Graduate Scholars

NEXT Graduate Scholars focuses on partnering across the institution to innovate in the graduate education space. Examining our student needs and institutional structures, supporting student success, and pursuing opportunities to strategically enhance graduate education are foundational to creating a new paradigm for public research education.

Formulating connections and partnerships is key to building innovative pathways for graduate students, including professional development opportunities. Cross-campus connections are critical to create an environment and academic infrastructure to cultivate the next generation of graduate scholars.

Rose Marie Ward, PhD, Dean of The Graduate College


Recruitment & Onboarding: Create a frictionless experience for students before and after they arrive at UC. 

Student Success: Support students in all aspects of graduate life through efforts such as stipends, mental health support, mentoring, and international student services.

Curricular Innovation: Create transformational opportunities for exceptional scholarship through a presidential fellowship program, career and professional development, and microcredentials.

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Headshot of Rose Marie Ward

Rose Marie Ward

Dean of The Graduate College