Staff Enrichment

It is vital we foster a workplace environment that enables staff to be key contributors to UC’s success. Through investments in the personal and professional growth of our employees, we can ensure employee fulfillment, an effective organization, and quality student experience.

Shaping Tomorrow Through Staff Enrichment

  • Cultivate a workplace environment that engages and aligns staff participation, support, and accountability to improve organizational functioning.
  • Enable staff to be critical contributors to UC's mission of education, research, and service through the support and development of personal and professional growth.

Staff Success Center

The UC Staff Success Center inspires staff to achieve success by providing impactful learning experiences in inclusive environments while focusing on positively influencing the policies, procedures, and culture at the University of Cincinnati.  We hope staff continuously refine their knowledge, skills, and abilities to be innovative problem solvers and catalysts for change who improve the world around them. To achieve this goal, we offer comprehensive professional development workshops, software training for UC applications, and much more.

Staff Senate

The University of Cincinnati Staff Senate is an advisory body to the President of the University and University administration. Staff Senate endeavors to have a duly representative and diverse membership with equitable representation among various colleges, divisions and departments.

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