Steering Committee

The Healthy UC Steering Committee came together in 2018 with a goal to collaboratively improve access and knowledge of well-being resources on campus.  In 2019, we joined forces with the Live Well Collaborative to focus our efforts and discover the current well-being offerings, needs, and gaps across campus.  

Healthy UC Steering Committee at a planning meeting.
Headshot of Molly Bromen

Molly Bromen

Employee Wellness Coordinator, Human Resources - Be Well UC


Headshot of Amanda Doner

Amanda Doner

Program Manager, University Health Services


Headshot of Aisha Evans

Aisha Evans

Associate Director, Counseling & Psychological Services


Headshot of Amanda Lynch Oney

Amanda Lynch Oney

Associate Professor Educator, CECH - Health Promotion & Education


Headshot of Emily Piercey

Emily Piercey

Associate Director of Membership & Operations, Campus Recreation


Headshot of Brandy Reeves Doyle

Brandy Reeves Doyle

Director, Student Wellness Center


Headshot of Ashley San Diego

Ashley San Diego

Employee Wellness Specialist, Human Resources - Be Well UC


Headshot of Tara Scarborough

Tara Scarborough

Executive Director , Counseling & Psychological Services


Headshot of Lisa Stuppy

Lisa Stuppy

Associate Director of Programs, Campus Recreation