Mental Health Champions

mental health champions graphic

Our university community is filled with empathetic and compassionate Bearcats who care about supporting each other. Many of these individuals are designated Mental Health Champions who have gone through training to learn more about supporting student, faculty, and staff mental health.

Many recall this initiative was founded by Student Government and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) with the first cohort of 135 faculty and staff attending an all-day training in January 2020.

All involved know this is a necessary investment, so Healthy UC, the university-wide well-being collaborative, committed to sustaining this program. This aligns with Healthy UC’s mission to educate, support and empower our community to make healthy choices while building an overall culture of well-being.

All Mental Health Champions pledge to a commitment to support students, faculty and staff with their mental health. 

Mental Health Champion Commitment

As a Mental Health Champion, I understand the importance of creating a culture of care in the greater UC Community. I will contribute to this culture by making an on-going effort to implement practices in my work that are conducive to the mental well-being of myself, UC students and my colleagues. I will be a proactive university ambassador for mental wellness, educate myself on the resources that are available to those in need, and be an advocate when I have the opportunity to assist or refer someone who is struggling, with the goal of de-stigmatizing and promoting mental health for all Bearcats.

Mental Health Champion Application

Recruitment for a new cohort or group of Champions along with training will be offered each academic year. Applications open in the fall and are due by Dec. 1. Faculty and staff are encouraged to discuss with their supervisor for approval and demonstrate support.

Bearcats who apply to become Mental Health Champions will be added to the Microsoft Teams channel, where the access to trainings are located.

Training Modules

The following modules are part of this training and multiple opportunities will be offered to attend the trainings every year. Trainings must be completed by March 31 to graduate with the next cohort. If trainings are not completed, the individual may graduate with the next cohort.

Teams call with Mental Health Champions panel participants
  1. QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) training 
  2. Supporting Bearcats in Distress training
  3. Personal wellnes session of choice with the Be Well UC employee wellness program
  4. Mental Health Champion graduation ceremony and panel discussion

Cohort 1 - Graduated January 2020

Graduates in January 2020
Graduate's Name Area
Lora Alberto DAAP College of DAAP
Gowtham Atluri CEAS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of CEAS Engineering and Applied Science
Carrie Atzinger COM College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
Katelynn Barnett CEAS College of Engineering & Applied Science, Academic Advising
Nadia Bayyari COM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience; Addiction Sciences Divison
Aurora Bennett COM Student Affairs, UC College of Medicine
Stacey Benton UCBA Veterinary Technology Department
Brittany Bibb Office Student Affairs African American Cultural & Resource
Lorri Blanton Office UC International
Elizabeth Boiman COM Department of Surgery, Division of Research
Amelia Bowdell CECH American Sign language and Deaf Studies
Kelly Brunst COM Department of Environmental Health
Aaron Bryant College of Law
Suzanne Buzek LCB Marketing & Communications, College Relations at the Lindner College of Business
Alexia Callihan A&S Biology Department, 902 Rieveschl Hall, Biological Science Greenhouse
Julie Campbell College of Nursing
Josh Chal CCM-college office
Sarah Charles UCBA Blue Ash, Veterinary Technology
Tiffany Chin CECH College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH) - Office of the Dean
Megan Church-Nally A&S Psychology - Organizational Leadership
Niki Cianciola Office Athletics
Emily Cloud A&S Arts and Sciences
Angie Cook Lindner Graduate Programs
Terri Corbett College of Nursing
Mychael Cornett Lindner College of Business Graduate Programs Office
Jeannie Cummins COM Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
Andrew Czaja A&S Geology
Shelby Dance Arts and Sciences Advising
Holli Deems LCB Business Affairs
Laura Dell CECH
Sighle Denier CAHS College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) - Center for Educational Technology and Instructional Support (CETIS)
Lesley Dorhout A&S English, Language, and Fine Arts; Academic Affairs
Jennie Edelstein COM College of Law Student Affairs
Aura Elder COM OTO H/N Audiology
Brian Fanelli Lindner Career Services
Brittany Fishburn LCB Undergraduate Programs, Lindner College of Business
Elizabeth Frierson A&S History Department in A&S and my office is 340A, already announced as safe haven for those struggling with mental illness in class for many years now.
Ellie Graham DAAP
Allie Greene COM Neuroscience Graduate Program
Clair Green-Schwartz CECH Dean's Office
Dianna Greivenkamp CECH / School of Education
Lisa Griffith Office Exploratory Studies
Lynne Haber COM Environmental Health
Richard Harknett A&S Political Science, A&S. I am Head of the Department
Lori Harris Office University of Cincinnati Libraries, Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library
Kimberly Hasselfeld COM Orthopaedic Surgery Department
Mary Jo Heintz LCB Accounting Department
Katie Hicks CECH/ ECEHD
Stacie Holloway A&S Psychology
Katharine Holm Office University Health Services
Nora Honken CEAS Department of Engineering Education
Bria Howard Office University Honors Program
Cammie Hulett A&S College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office
Dawn Hundley UC Clermont One Stop
Jodie Hunter A&S Department of Physics
Jherilyn Hutton, M.A. CECH Department of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies
Nadia Ibrahim-Taney Lindner College of Business Career Services Center
Sarah Jernigan Lindner College of Business Undergraduate Programs
Kaitlyn Johnson CECH Office for Education Innovations & Community Partnerships
Matt Keaton Lindner College of Business
Kyle Key CECH Student Services
Gail Kiley A&S CARES
Lauren Kirgis CECH School of Information Technology
Stephanie Knox Office Center for Exploratory Studies
Kathleen Koenig A&S Physics
Susan Kotowski CAHS Department of Rehabilitation,Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences
Tiffany Leazer DAAP Student Affairs
Jessica Lee Lindner Career Services
Jacqueline Lewis College of Nursing
Joseph Link CECH - School of Education - Special Education
Amanda Lynch CECH: School of Human Services
Krista Maddox College of Nursing
Tina Mahle Office Staff Success Center, Central Human Resources
Laura Malosh COM College of Medicine Student Affairs
Sarah Manchak CECH School of Criminal Justice
Carrie Martin COM Office of Student Affairs- COM
Amberly Maryo DAAP
Suzanne Masterson Lindner College of Business; Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
Mack Maynard A&S College of Arts & Sciences Advising
Julie McCullough College of Nursing, Office of Student Affairs
Rebekah michael CECH School of Information Technology
Sally Miller Office of Gender Equity & Inclusion
Valerie Miller CAHS College of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Rehabilitation, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Kim Miller, MD Office Department of Family and Community Medicine, COM and Executive Director of University Health Services
Lindsey Mills CAHS, rehabilitation, exercise, and nutrition science
Nicole Mori COM College of Medicine-Department of Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Katie Mosure CAHS College of Allied Health Sciences Office of Student Affairs
Meghan Murray Office University Honors Program
Heather Nester ELCE Experience-Based Learning and Career Education, Multidisicplinary Initiatives
Dr. Rachael Nolan COM College of Medicine, Division of Public Health Sciences
Sarah O'Connell Office UC International
Nathanael O'Der Office Graduate School IT
Alexandra Owensby COM Neurology
Rachel Parks LCB Undergraduate Programs Office, Lindner College of Business
Liz Pawley Lindner Career Services
Sarah Pixley COM Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
Lindsay Preseau A&S German Studies
Jennifer Radt UC Clermont - Student Affairs & Services
Meera Rastogi UC Clermont, Social Sciences, Psychology
Dr. Patty Raube Keller CECH - Human Services, Sport Administration
Kimberly Rhyan CECH
Liliana Rojas Guyler CECH Health Promotion and Education in the School of Human Services in CECH
Staci Rucker College of Law
Meagan Schalk UC Clermont Academic Affairs
Kelly Schiller Office Center for Exploratory Studies
Megan Schneider Dinnesen CECH, School of Education
Sarah Schroeder CECH School of Education
Stephanie Schuckman COM CCTST
Rachel Shah College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs
Sarah Shepherd Office of International Admissions
Carolyn Shisler UC Clermont Science and Health Department 
Mandy Shoemaker Office University Honors Program
Annu Sible Prabhakar CECH School of IT
Krista Smilek Department of Geology
Bryan Smith Office CET&L, Undergraduate Studies, Provost Office
Candice Snyder COM Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal Fetal Medicine
Julie Stacey A&S Biological Sciences
Jim Steggeman COM Department of Internal Medicine, Divisions of Endocrinology and Digestive Diseases
Lauren Steinmann Office International
Brent Stoffer A&S Biological Sciences
Max Tallman COM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
Lindsay Taylor A&S Classics and History Departments
Lacey Tomlinson Office Center for Pathways Advising, Advising and Academic Office Services
Ruth Anne Van Loon CAHS School of Social Work
Kelly Vearil UCBA Veterinary Technology Department
Sadhna Verma COM Radiologist, Abdominal Imaging
Daniel Waddell A&S Chemistry
Julie Walson CECH Early Childhood
Julie Weast-Knapp A&S Department of Psychology
Jenny Wohlfarth A&S Department of Journalism
Kerri Wolfer CECH
Roger Worrell COM Pharmacology & Systems Physiology, COM
Trever Wright Office Athletics Compliance

Cohort 2 - Graduated April 2021

Graduates in April 2021
Graduate's Name Area

In Memory of Liz Aumann​ 

HR, Benefits and Wellness​ 

Hannah Barnhorn​ 

Clermont-Paralegal Studies​ 

Rhonda Bastian​ 

Sponsored Rsrch-Accounting​ 

Amy Bernard​ 

CECH-Human Services​ 

Madeline Bible​ 


Brooke Bolton​ 

UC Online-Retention​ 

Alexander Borisov​ 


Debbie Brawn​ 

University Honors Program​ 

Jeff Brewer​ 


Molly Bromen​ 

HR, Employee Wellness​ 

Michelle Burbage​ 

MED-Environment & Public Hlth​ 

Terra Butler​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Livvy Cameron​ 

LCB-Undergraduate Advising​ 

Isabel Castro​ 

CCHMC Corporate​ 

Leah Chamberlain​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Hong Cheng​ 

Univ Libry-CEAS​ 

Roger Chiang​ 

LCB-Ops, Bus Analytics, & IS​ 

Pam Chin​ 

CECH-Business Office​ 

Megan Church-Nally​ 


Shari Coffey​ 

LCB-Undergraduate Prgms​ 

Marcell Crawford​ 

University Honors Program​ 

Carmen Culotta​ 

CECH-Evaluation Svcs Ctr​ 

Adrienne Davis Zapfe​ 

CAHS-Clinical & Health Info​ 

Gary DeVoe​ 


Nancy Diemler​ 

A&S-Mathematical Sciences​ 

Anna Donnell​ 


Eden Driscoll​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Elaine Dunker​ 

A&S-Romance & Arabic Languages​ 

Zag ElSayed ​ 

CECH-Information Technology​ 

Beth Faller​ 


Valerio Ferme​ 

A&S-Arts and Sciences​ 

Jill Flood​ 

Career Education​ 

Daniel Floyd​ 

Acad Affairs-Learning Commons​ 

Margaret Fogler​ 

Campus Svcs-Housing​

Samantha Foltz​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Lisa Forbes​ 

LCB-Career Services​ 

Barb Fox​ 

Research Ofc-Business Office​ 

Kathy Fryman​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Registrar​ 

Doe Gavin​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Advising​ 

Danielle Gingrich​ 


Gabrielle Golden​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Registrar​ 

Dianne Hardin​ 


Cammie Hulett​ 


Kaitlyn Johnson​ 

CECH-Business Office​ 

Regan Johnson​ 

CECH-Human Services​ 

Colleen Joyce​ 

UCBA-Academic Affairs​ 

Mary Justice​ 


Kamila Kasparian ​ 


Bene Khoury​ 

University Honors Program​ 

Grace Kroner​ 

Athletics-Compliance & StuSvcs​ 

Kelly Kwiatkowski​ 

Campus Svcs-Campus Rec Ctr​ 

Shannon Lehwald​ 

Career Education​ 

Robin Lindquist-Grantz​ 

Institute for Policy Research​ 

Joseph Link​ 


Keisha Love​ 

Provost-Fac Affrs & Acad Pers​ 

Kelly Lyle​ 

MED-Operations & Finance​ 

Yu Mao​ 

Univ Libry-Business Office​ 

Stacey Martin​ 

Learning Commons​ 

Kelly McCullough​ 

LCB-Instructional Design​ 

Samantha McMahon​ 

Acad Affairs-Learning Commons​ 

Greg Metz​ 

UCBA-Academic Affairs​ 

Karen Meyer​ 

CAHS-Comm Sci & Disorders​ 

Lindsey Mills​ 

CAHS-Rehab, Exercise & Nutr​ 

Laura Molander​ 

CCM-Costume Shop Production​ 

Robyn Mullen​ 


Lizzie Ngwenya-Scoburgh​ 

UCBA-Business & Economics​ 

Tamika Odum​ 

UCBA-Behavioral Sciences​ 

Loren Papin A&S Advising

Scott Pena​ 


Danielle Petermann​ 

A&S-Biological Sciences​ 

Stefanie Pettys​ 

UCBA-Art & Visual Comm​ 

Emily Piercey​ 

Campus Svcs-Campus Rec Ctr​ 

Adrienne Piontek​ 

Acad Affairs-Learning Commons​ 

Jim Pross​ 

LCB-Information Technology​ 

Rachel Randall​ 

SA-Couns & Psychological Svcs​ 

Kelly Rawe​ 

CECH-Student Services Ctr​ 

Brandy Reeves​ 

Student Affairs-Wellness Ctr​ 

Teresa Roig-Torres​ 

UCBA-Foreign Languages​ 

Melissa Ryan​ 

CEAS-Mech Eng & Materials Eng​ 

Ashley San Diego​ 

HR, Employee Wellness​ 

Kim Schmidt​ 

Campus Svcs-Campus Rec Ctr​ 

Beth Shelton-Hountz​ 


Susan Sipple​ 

UCBA-English & Communication​ 

David Spatholt​ 

MED-Emergency Medicine​ 

Peyton Stensland​ 

CECH-Human Services​ 

Jennifer Sturm​ 

Athletics-Student Athlete Supp​ 

Emilee Suchomski​ 

CCM-Admissions & Student Svcs​ 

Christopher Sullivan​ 

CECH-Criminal Justice​ 

Amy Tasset ​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Stu Fincl Aid​ 

Lauren Tate​ DAAP-School of Art​

Lisa Timman​ 

UCBA-Art & Visual Comm​ 

Christine Tonnis​ 

Career Education​ 

Colleen Uscianowski​ 


Tricia Vonderahe​ 

DAAP-Business Affairs​ 

Zoe Wagner​ 

Graduate Assistant​ 

Rebecca Williamson​ 

LCB-Instructional Design​ 

Heather Wischer​ 

Enrollment Mgmt-Registrar​ 

Angie Woods​ 

UCBA-Foreign Languages​ 

Betsy Yeakle​ 

CECH-Criminal Justice​ 

Kim Zimmerer​ 


Cohort 3 - Graduated April 2022

Graduates in April 2022
Graduate's Name
Alexandra Allee College of Allied Health Sciences
Meg Anderson UC Blue Ash College
Kyle Augustitus Conference and Event Services
Lisa Barlow Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Lisa Beckelhimer  College of Arts and Sciences
Matt Behrman College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Jenny Benkert College of Medicine
Jason Blackard College of Medicine
Erin Bove Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Ryan Brinkman College of Nursing
Clarence Brown College-Conservatory of Music
Maureen Buri Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Kelly Cantwell Public Safety Department
Kim Clifford UC Clermont College
Crystal Clough College of Arts and Sciences
Erin Cochran College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Corinne Cook College of Engineering and Applied Science
Taylor  Coughlin College of Medicine
Stacey Denson Accessibility Resources
Asawari Deshmukh College of Business
Kate Durso Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Julie Eagen Provost Office
Amy Farley College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Allison Ferreri College of Medicine
Elina Fonseca Enrollment Management
Jeffrey Franke College of Business
Jeri Gatch College-Conservatory of Music
Arin Gentry College of Arts and Sciences
Patrice Gillespie UC Blue Ash College
Jessica Graves-Rack College of Arts and Sciences
Doreen Grontkowski Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Bella  Gullia College of Business
Emma Hage College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Tonya Hampton College of Law
Helene Harte UC Blue Ash College
Brian Hatch College of Business
Lainie Ipsa UC Blue Ash College
Zach Jung College of Business
Maureen Koo College of Nursing
Beth Kouche College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Katheryn Lane Division of Student Affairs
Ann Latham Office of the Registrar
Debra Love Division of Student Affairs
Stella Luggen Enrollment Management
Jodie Mader Provost Office
Kara Markham College of Medicine
Anissa Moussa College of Medicine
Cristofer Muench College of Medicine
Tiffany Murray College of Nursing
Melissa Neeley-Nicolini College-Conservatory of Music
Michael Norton Admissions
Shawna Obregon UC Clermont College
Andres (Andy) Obregon-Mantilla Division of Student Affairs
Daniel Peat College of Business
Miriam Poteet College of Arts and Sciences
Sierra  Rankin Division of Student Affairs
Carrie Raterman College of Allied Health Sciences
Victoria Regan College of Business
Cheli Reutter College of Arts and Sciences
Diana Riggs College of Engineering and Applied Science
Anne Rohlfer College of Arts and Sciences
Jennifer Rowe Public Safety
Raechel Scarchilli Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Ryane Sickles College of Medicine
Amanda Simmons College of Allied Health Sciences
Dawn Skirpan College of Medicine
Jaymee Smiddie College of Business
Kamellia Smith College of Arts and Sciences
Shaunece Smith UC Athletics
Madeline Stine Division of Student Affairs
Bridget VanLandeghem UC Athletics
Barbara Walker COM and A&S
Catherine Weidner IT@UC
Tangie  Welton College of Arts and Sciences
Lauren White College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Adam Wiles CES
Heather Williamson College of Medicine
Laurie Wilson College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Donald Wittrock College of Engineering and Applied Science

Cohort 4 - Graduating April 2023

Graduates in April 2023
Graduate's Name Area
Shawn Adkins College of Medicine
Kimber Andrews Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Ashley Anneken College of Arts and Sciences
Weston Atchison College of Business
Amanda Bachus College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Emily Bacon College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Gema Bahns College of Business
Sheri Barksdale UC Blue Ash College
Core Black Division of Student Affairs
Caitlin Borges Division of Student Affairs
Manuela  Botaka Advising & Academic Services
Tonkia (Coach Tee) Bridges Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Lacey Campbell College of Arts and Sciences
Laura Carnaghi College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Ruth Ann Carpenter UC Online
Erick Carrero UC Blue Ash College
Reid Caryer Office of General Counsel
Erynn Casanova College of Arts and Sciences
Nick  Castro College of Business
Rhea  Castrucci  College of Medicine
Lisa Claypool College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Sara Cohen College of Medicine
Jacob Cole College of Engineering and Applied Science
Temesha Corbin UC Blue Ash College
Suzy Culbertson Division of Student Affairs
Amanda Darling Caballero UC Blue Ash College
Alana Dillon UC Blue Ash College
Delaney Dodds College of Engineering and Applied Science
Katie Doxtader International Services
Teneisha Dyer College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Halee Edwards College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Carolyn Egbert College of Medicine
Angela Eicher Human Resources
Maddie Exton College of Nursing
Michael Ferguson College of Business
Abby Foltz Hottle College of Allied Health Sciences
Grant Freking College of Business
Lauren Glaser College of Engineering and Applied Science
Shanna Gray DTS
Crystal Hambrock College of Business
Abby Harder College of Engineering and Applied Science
Roseann Hassey College of Business
Kevin Haworth College of Medicine
Leslie Head College of Medicine
Gina Heinsohn Division of Student Affairs
Katie  Hess UC Clermont College
Rose Hofstetter College of Arts and Sciences
Kristina Irby Division of Student Affairs
Jessie Jefferson College of Medicine
Mercedes Johnson Division of Student Affairs
Leah Jonas College of Business
Larissa Jordan College of Allied Health Sciences
Chauncey Joyce College of Business
Samantha  Kaetzel Campus Services
Michele Kay College-Conservatory of Music
Vikki Kowalczyk Honors
Maddy Kramer College of Medicine
Kathy Ladell  UC Clermont College
Kris LoFrumento UC Clermont College
Catherine  Lusky College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Elliott Manzon College of Business
Megan McCarren Transfer and Transition Advising Center
Sarah Grace McCollough UC Blue Ash College
Rob McLeod College of Engineering and Applied Science
Brian Metcalf College of Arts and Sciences
Noah Moore Admissions
Christine Nicholson Enrollment Services 
Joseph Nyakundi Office of Research
Natalie Ochmann Provost Office
Maura O'Connor College of Arts and Sciences
Jack O'Toole College Credit Plus
Afton Palmer Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
Katie Pealer UC Blue Ash College
Maggie Peters UC Athletics
Kelly Plazibat UC International
Brenda Poynter UC Clermont College
Brenda  Refaei UC Blue Ash College
Kaylynn  Rimblert (Hill) College of Arts and Sciences
Jordan Salinsky College of Arts and Sciences
Christina  Schoonover  Hoxworth Blood Center
Mae Seay Office of Research
Mona Sedrak UC Clermont College
Ashley Setters Adminsitration and Finance
Serene  Smith College of Arts and Sciences
Nicholas Snyder College of Arts and Sciences
Joshua Stamper College of Business
Stormi Stevens College of Business
Gregory Stewart College of Allied Health Sciences
Maddi Stiles Campus Services
Emma Sule College of Arts and Sciences
Hannah Thompson UC Blue Ash College
Iryna Topolyan College of Business
Nicole Towe College of Business
Reese Triana College of Medicine
Robbie Trittschuh UC Athletics
Mary Uhl Human Resources
Jivanto van Hemert Division of Student Affairs
Amanda Watkins UC Online
Susan Watts-Taffe College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
Jill Webster College of Engineering and Applied Science
Hannah Williamson Provost Office
Danielle Winget UC Clermont College
Sarah Wolfe UC Blue Ash College