Social Media

Social media has become an important way for us to connect and learn, especially during a pandemic.  It can also be a source of anxiety and comparison.  We have compiled some social media sites and hashtags that we hope will encourage and support you and some resources to find balance when it becomes too much.  Be a part of brightening someone's day with your posts and use the #ucthegood!

  • #healthyuc
  • #UCtheGood
  • #bewelluc

Social Media Reboot

Take part in a social media reboot with the Social Dilemma:

"Technology can be a powerful tool to keep us connected, promote self-expression, and help movements grow. But, the surveillance-based business model that powers social media and search platforms is creating harms that feel increasingly toxic and outweigh their benefits. The unintended consequences of this constant connection are catching up with us in the form of mental health issues, the erosion of a shared truth, and a fundamental breakdown in our ability to relate with one another."