International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)

Local 20 Stationary Engineers

Union Leadership

Rick Gerrein
Business Agent
1150 W. Eighth Street, Suite 250
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203
Phone: 513-751-1671
Fax: 513-751-2551

Union Leadership Contact Information
Name Union Title UC Job Title
Phone Mail Location
Mark Wiesman Steward for East Power Plant Stationary Engineer I Maintenance
A&F East Campus Utilities Operations 513-558-1796 0810
Dave Jeffries Chief Steward for Trades & Residential Life & Satellites Building Trades Leader-I A&F Utility Support Operations 513-556-2045 0390
Tom Fields Chief Steward for East Power Plant Stationary Engineer Maintenance A&F Central Utilities Operations 513-556-2567 0390
James Mattingly Steward for East Campus Plumber Pipefitter Jour-I
A&F Maintenance & Operations East AM/HVAC Plumber 513-556-2782 0080
Michael Zachary Steward for West Campus Carpenter-I A&F Maintenance & Operations Carp/Sign Shop 513-556-4639 0390

IUOE Collective Bargaining Agreement

Labor Managment Committee (LMC/IUOE)

A Labor Management Committee (LMC) is established by the collective bargaining agreement. Its purpose is to discuss and resolve matters of mutual interest. Specific grievances and negotiations are not proper subjects for discussion in LMC meetings; the resolution of problems giving rise to grievances is a proper subject. Specific matters which are considered by the LMCs include, but are not limited to: health and safety, career paths, training & development, and dependent care issues. The LMC shall have no authority to modify in any way the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

LMC/IUOE Members

Union: Rick Gerrein, Mark Wiesman, Dave Jeffries, Tom Fields, Michael Zachary

University: Lauren Lantz, Matthew Crawford, Ken Bloomer, Nicole Ryan, Jeff Finan