UC Retirees

The following information is meant to help you prepare for events that occur after retirement.

Retiree identification cards are available through Public Safety.  Please allow five (5) business days after the date of retirement before requesting the retirement identification card.

  • Phone: 513-556-4925
  • Fax: 513-556-4940
  • Keys & Badges page on uc.edu
  • Hours of Operation (subject to change)
    • Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm
    • Summer Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-5pm

UC retirees are eligible for tuition remission based on their classification at retirement and are eligible for the same tuition remission as active employees in the same classification.

The tuition remission program for retired faculty and staff pays the instructional portion of the bill and many other fees for eligible retirees who take courses at the University of Cincinnati.

The tuition remission program for dependents (spouse/domestic partner/unmarried dependent children) pays the instructional fee (tuition) only for eligible dependents who take courses at the University of Cincinnati.  General fees, books, room and board, late fees, application fees, confirmation fees, etc., are not covered by tuition remission.

Eligible Dependents (of an eligible retiree):

  • Legal spouse
  • Same or opposite sex domestic partner
  • Unmarried child. For this purpose, child means (1) a biological child, (2) a stepchild, (3) an adopted child/or child legally placed for adoption, (4) or child for whom the employee has been appointed legal guardian by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Verification documents are required.  Children must be the retiree's tax dependent in order to be eligible. Birth certificate, marriage certificate or domestic partner affidavit may also be required.  Please email tuitionremission@uc.edu for more information.

Retirees who wish to request tuition remission benefits for eligible dependents must complete the Tuition Remission Application using the electronic form or submit online  through the Tuition Remission portal.  The form must include any applicable documentation and required signatures. Access the portal with your UC username and password used as an active employee.  For password assistance contact the UC Help Desk at 556-HELP. Retirees are not required to submit a Tuition Remission Application for themselves.

Questions may be directed to tuitionremission@uc.edu

UC must ensure that all contributions have been received by your retirement plan provider. Therefore, your request for a distribution (or request for withdrawal) will not be approved until 60 days following your final payroll from UC.  This delay allows us to ensure that all payroll processing is complete.

You must be separated from UC for at least two months (past your final payroll) before you can apply to roll your funds into another account. This is so that all sources of UC pay can be processed.  Contact your retirement vendor regarding a rollover.

You must contact your provider to initiate a distribution. Your distribution will not be processed until 60 days following your final payroll from UC.

The university offers retiree medical and dental coverage to those individuals who are participants in the ‘grandfathered’ 403(b) plan prior to their retirement.  Individuals may elect coverage for themselves and their eligible dependents.  Retirees pay the full cost of any coverage elected.

Grandfathered Retiree Rates

The University offers two medical options to retirees and their spouses who are Medicare eligible - Comprehensive Medical Plan (CMP) with prescription coverage and the Comprehensive Medical Plan (CMP-ND) without prescription coverage. 

Medicare-eligible individuals may also choose to enroll in Humana’s Group Medicare Preferred Provider Organization (RPPO) Plan, a Medicare Advantage plan, instead of the CMP.  You may obtain information about this plan from Humana by calling 1-800-824-8242.  If you elect this plan, you must submit an enrollment form directly to Humana. Your premium payments will also be sent to Humana.

For individuals not eligible for Medicare at retirement, the university offers the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan. If you are enrolled in a medical plan as an active employee, you can elect coverage in the PPO at retirement. Note that the PPO plan available to you as a retiree is NOT the same plan available to active employees.

If you are enrolled in dental coverage prior to your retirement, you may elect to continue coverage for yourself and your eligible dependents following retirement. Three plan options are available to you. Once you enroll, you may not change plans.

You and your spouse/domestic partner may make independent medical coverage elections if you are Medicare eligible and your spouse/domestic partner is not (or vice versa).

You will be provided with a Retiree Election form prior to your retirement.  You may discontinue your coverage at any time. Once you discontinue coverage, it cannot be reinstated in the future unless your reason for waiving coverage when first eligible was due to your being covered under a spouse/domestic partner employer-provided plan.

You may elect to have your monthly contributions deducted from your checking or savings account. This is a convenient way to pay for coverage that eliminates the need for you to remember to submit payment each month. You will not be billed by UC HR and it is your responsibility to remember to submit payment each month.

In addition to being eligible for retiree medical and dental coverage, you will receive information about continuing coverage under federal law COBRA. 

Anthem Retiree Summary of Coverage

Retiree Humana Medicare Advantage

Contact Humana with questions regarding this program

  • Member customer service: 1-866-396-8810
  • Telephonic Applications: 1-800-824-8242
  • Enrollment Kit Requests: GroupMedicareSalesKitRequest@humana.com
  • Completed Enrollment Application Fax Line: 1-877-889-9936

Retiree Dental Summaries 

If you will be over the age of 65 when you retire, contact the Social Security Administration for details about applying for Medicare.