Service Employees International Union District 1199 (SEIU)

Union Leadership

Staff Representative
Greg Haddox
1395 Dublin Road
Columbus OH 43215
Phone: 800-227-1199

Contract and Arbitration Specialist
Amanda M. Schulte, Esq.
1395 Dublin Road
Columbus OH 43215
Phone: 877-419-7348
SEIU Fax: 877-274-1110

Member Resource Center
SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH

Union Leadership Contact Information
Name Union Title UC Job Title
Phone Mail Location
TBD President

SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement

Labor Management Committee (LMC/SEIU)

A Labor Management Committee (LMC) is established by the collective bargaining agreement. Its purpose is to discuss and resolve matters of mutual interest. Specific grievances and negotiations are not proper subjects for discussion in LMC meetings; the resolution of problems giving rise to grievances is a proper subject. Specific matters which are considered by the LMCs include, but are not limited to: health and safety, career paths, training & development, and dependent care issues. The LMC shall have no authority to modify in any way the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

LMC/SEIU Members

Union: Gregory Haddox, Tonya Rogers-Mitchell, Robin Davis, Mikaila Corday, June Taylor-Slaughter

University: Matthew Crawford, Delores Blackwell, Jeremy Berberich, Michael Whiting, Renee Hargrove, Nicole Ryan