Bearcat Buddies

Connecting UC Students to Children in Cincinnati Public Schools

Bearcat Buddies is a tutoring program offered through the Center for Community Engagement (CCE), in partnership with GRAD Cincinnati, the Queen City Book Bank, and Cincinnati Public Schools.

Students who are interested in serving as a volunteer tutor and helping Cincinnati Public Schools' children achieve academic success should consider becoming a Bearcat Buddy! It's a powerful way to give back and provides a meaningful experience for both tutors and the children they serve.

Bearcat Buddies is a great addition to any resume and includes the potential for leadership development through the Lead Tutor program. Above all, it's a fun way to make a positive impact on your community!

Bearcat Buddies provides an avenue for growth and broadens your perspective by promoting learning through tutoring and teaching others.

Geethika V.

Bearcat Buddies primarily work with students in Kindergarten through 6th grade, for an hour per week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Tutoring sessions range from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Tuesday - Friday. You can find Bearcat Buddies in Cincinnati Public Schools including:

  • Cincinnati Digital Academy
  • Ethel M. Taylor Academy
  • Hays-Porter School
  • Oyler School
  • Roberts Academy
  • Rees E. Price Academy
  • Riverview East Academy
  • Roll Hill Academy
  • School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA)
  • South Avondale Elementary 
  • Taft Elementary
  • Taft High School
  • Western Hills High School
  • Westwood School
  • Hughes High School

The Bearcat Buddies program was designed to remove barriers between local Cincinnati Public Schools students and students at UC who are interested in building tutoring relationships. The CCE removes key barriers for Bearcat Buddies by:

  • Providing transportation when possible
  • Arranging virtual, on-campus, and on-site tutor training
  • Facilitating free, required background checks for tutors
  • Providing ongoing support throughout the year

Pre-registration each semester gives you priority over your choice of a tutoring session. 

Submit a Bearcat Buddies school interest form and a CCE staff member will reach out to you shortly!

Bearcat Buddies Ambassador Program

The Bearcat Buddies Ambassadorship is a program intended to bring together UC students who want to share word about the tutoring opportunities available in Cincinnati Public Schools. Bearcat Buddies recruits best by word of mouth. Ambassadors play a critical role in recruitment and give valuable input to Bearcat Buddies. This program is designed to give Ambassadors leadership experience and is a stepping stone to the Lead Tutor position. 20 Ambassadors are accepted each academic year.

Lead Tutor Program

The Lead Tutor Program is designed to enrich the experiences of Bearcat Buddies and the children they work with. Every academic year, ~20 lead tutors are selected to serve as liaisons between the tutors, the Center for Community Engagement, and GRAD Cincinnati. Lead tutors manage tutor communication, implement fun activities for tutees, and overall, work to foster a sense of community in the Bearcat Buddies program. In order to be considered for a Lead Tutor position , you must serve as a Bearcat Buddies Ambassador for at least two semesters. 

*These leadership roles grant you the opportunity to earn additional service hours.