Bearcat Buddies Ambassador Program

The Bearcat Buddies Ambassadorship is a program intended to bring together UC students who want to share word about the tutoring opportunities available in Cincinnati Public Schools. Bearcat Buddies recruits best by word of mouth. Ambassadors play a critical role in recruitment and give valuable input to Bearcat Buddies. This program is designed to give Ambassadors leadership experience and is a stepping stone to the Lead Tutor position. 20 Ambassadors are accepted each academic year.


  • Recruit tutors by attending Bearcats Welcome events, tabling, putting up flyers around campus, and participating in a monthly leadership meeting
  • Present to community members and organizations
  • Help out with projects on an as-needed basis
  • Maintain a positive and welcoming attitude
  • Show a passion for making a positive impact on the community

*There is no requirement on how many semesters an applicant has volunteered 

Application Process

Applications for the 2024-2025 ambassador program have closed and will reopen in April 2024. You must be in good standing with the program and have a competitive application in order to be considered. If you have any further questions about the program, please reach out to

  • Application Opens: April 15, 2024
  • Application Closes: May 6, 2024 
  • Mid-May 2024: Interviews held
  • Late May 2024: New Ambassador Training

Please note, the success of this program depends on the reliability and active engagement of each Bearcat Buddies Ambassador. Upon acceptance, it is crucial that you remain engaged throughout the year. 

2023 - 2024 Ambassadors

Headshot of Geethika Velaga

Geethika Velaga

Geethika is a first-year majoring in Medical Sciences. She is excited to spread the word about Bearcat Buddies and encourage student involvement in tutoring and mentorship.

Headshot of John Shoppell

John Shoppell

John is a second year Exercise Science major on the Pre-PT track. His favorite part of the program is mentoring and setting an example for the kids he works with. He became an ambassador to grow the program because of its positive impact.

Headshot of Anvitha Katamneni

Anvitha Katamneni

Anvitha is a third-year Neuropsychology major on the pre-med track. She is excited to help strengthen the connection between children and their tutors and make tutoring a positive experience for everyone.

Headshot of Aliyah Spriggs

Aliyah Spriggs

Aliyah is a first-year student majoring in Biological Sciences on a Pre-Vet track. She is excited to share her experiences with Bearcat Buddies, to spread positivity, and to be a role model for the children.

Headshot of Cassandra Mayers

Cassandra Mayers

Cassandra is a second-year majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Chemistry, with hopes of pursuing dental in the future. She is thrilled to take a further step in the Bearcat Buddies program to continue to introduce its positive impacts.

Headshot of Mica Linik

Mica Linik

Mica is a first-year student at UC majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She enjoys working with kids and looks forward to introducing peers to Bearcat Buddies.

Headshot of Kelsey Hulbert

Kelsey Hulbert

Kelsey is a second-year student majoring in Medical Sciences and minoring in Psychology and Integrative Health & Wellness. She looks forward to collaborating with other ambassadors and lead tutors, as well as spreading the word about the program.

Headshot of Jeff Li

Jeff Li

Jeff is a first-year computer science student. He is looking forward to helping kids reach their educational goals and promoting the Bearcat Buddies program around campus.

Headshot of Parker Cox

Parker Cox

Parker is a first-year Aerospace Engineering major. She loves the community that Bearcat Buddies has created and is excited to tell her peers about the wonderful experiences she has gained from this organization.

Headshot of Anusha Patel

Anusha Patel

Anusha is a second-year double major in Mathematics and Statistics, with a minor in Fine Arts. One of her biggest passions is the importance of education and she looks forward to spreading the program and continuing to have a positive impact.

Headshot of Emely Burkhart

Emely Burkhart

Emely is a third-year Marketing and Operations Management Major. She is very excited to start her second semester as a Bearcat Buddies! Being with her students last semester was the best part of her day and she wants to share this with others at UC!

Headshot of Asmita Yalamanchili

Asmita Yalamanchili

Asmita is a first-year Computer Science student excited to share her positive experiences with Bearcat Buddies with other students on campus.

Headshot of Jennah Atia

Jennah Atia

Jennah is a first year Psychology major on a pre-med track. She is really excited to share with her friends and peers the joy that comes with being a Bearcat Buddy!

Headshot of Chloe Sabile

Chloe Sabile

Chloe is a second-year Medical Sciences major and is minoring in Integrative Health and Psychology. She is looking forward to making meaningful connections and showcasing all the wonderful aspects of Bearcat Buddies.

Headshot of Brennan Meier

Brennan Meier

Brennan is a 2nd year Medical Sciences major. This is his 2nd year in Bearcat Buddies, and he loves working with children. His goals are to spread Bearcat Buddies to help as many kids as possible and eventually work with children in Pediatrics. 

Headshot of Kara Beebe

Kara Beebe

Kara is a third year Medical Sciences student, with a minor in Public Health. Working with kids is one of her biggest passions, and is something she hopes to do throughout her life and career.

Headshot of Ashleigh Fischer

Ashleigh Fischer

Ashleigh is a third-year Operations Management major. She is super excited to spread the word on what it means to be a Bearcat Buddy: the connections made, fun activities to build academic skills, and to see their growth throughout the semester.

Headshot of Gracie West

Gracie West

Gracie is a second-year student at UC majoring in Health Sciences on a pre-medicine track. She is looking forward to sharing positive experiences from Bearcat Buddies with other students on campus.

Headshot of Maria Canales

Maria Canales

Maria is a second-year Medical Sciences major in the College of Medicine and is minoring in Integrative Health. She looks forward to becoming a BB Ambassador by being able to spread the word on the program.

Headshot of Olivia Reppen

Olivia Reppen

Olivia is a second-year architectural engineering student. She looks forward to introducing our club to incoming and current students. She became an ambassador in order to spread the positivity that Bearcat Buddies creates.

Headshot of Madeline Wright

Madeline Wright

Madeline is a second-year Biological Sciences major with a minor in Spanish on a Pre-PA track. She is happy to spread the word about BB to other people in the program. She believes this is an exciting experience with great opportunities.

Headshot of Abigail Katampe

Abigail Katampe

Abigail is a 2nd Year Medical Sciences major. One of her favorite parts of the BB program is being able to be a role model to and uplift the children she works with. She loves to read, write, go on runs, and knit!

Headshot of Owen Major

Owen Major

Owen is a 3rd year Biology major on the Pre-Med track. This is Owen's third year in Bearcat Buddies, and his favorite part of the program is getting to interact with the students and watching them grow throughout the semester.

Headshot of Katie Hammond

Katie Hammond

Katie is a 2nd year majoring in Marketing and Psychology with a Business Analytics certificate. She is excited to share her love for tutoring with her peers and seeing the smiles of the children every week.