Better Place Project

The Better Place Project for first year Learning Communities students supports success academically, interpersonally, and intrapersonally.

Through the Better Place Project within Learnin Communities, students complete service learning experiences in the diverse communities where we study, work, and live. These experiences facilitate the personal growth and professional skills needed to be successful in a wide range of careers.

Service-Learning Sites

Coming soon is a series of spotlights on agencies that welcome students seeking to get the most out of their Better Place Project experience. This is not an exhaustive list, and students should visit to find the full list of opportunities.

The information below and service-learning site availability is subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 and other illnesses present a constantly changing set of circumstances that impact service learning in a variety of ways. Your patience, flexibility, and understanding are greatly appreciated

Students are expected to adhere to all university of cincinnati policies and protocols at all times. In addition, students are expected to adhere to the policies and protocols of their service-learning site as well.

You are presented with a variety of service-learning opportunities, and if any given opportunity does not meet your needs, please consider another option. Contact your Peer Leader or the Center for Community engagement with questions or concerns.

Individual needs on the site indicate where and how each activity takes place. Virtual and face-to-face activities are subject to change, so be sure you understand the expectations of your service learning site before you finalize your placement.

If you are not comfortable with a given option, please contact your Peer Leader to talk about alternative options.

4 service hours must be completed during the 2023 Spring Semester. Ideally, service is completed consistently and regularly (weekly or every other week, depending on your site). However, your availability may lead you to select a one time opportunity or an activity that requires a more limited commitment. Service cannot start prior to the semester and cannot be completed after the end of the semester.

Please note: Many community partner agencies require MORE than 4 hours in order to recoup a reasonable return on their investment in you. This investment includes training you, expenses related to your intake process (such as background checks), and more. These opportunities deepen your personal and professional growth, and give you a headstart on your future goals. Do not shy away from an opportunity simply because it asks more than 4 hours of you.

If you're having individual issues meeting the service expectations for this course, contact your Peer Leader.

Students cannot double-count hours for course requirements AND scholarship requirements, in accordance with scholarship guidelines. Any hours beyond the required 4 service hours for this course can be counted toward other requirements.

If you have a Cincinnatus scholarship, for example, you are expected to complete 4 service hours for this course in addition to your scholarhip requirements, but you can use any hours beyond the initial 4 to satisfy your Cincinnatus requirement.

  • Make a plan! Look at the academic calendar, the calendar of your service-learning site if applicable, and do the math.
  • If you have scholarship community serive requirements:
    • Get ahead on your scholarship service requirement in the Fall Semester, or during academic breaks, if possible.
    • Use winter break and other breaks in the academic schedule to earn scholarship service hours. You cannot earn hours for this class until the start of Spring Semester.
    • In the Spring, if you serve more than 4 hours at your site, you can count those additional hours toward your scholarship or other requirements.

Most UC scholarships are overseen by Student Financial Aid. Contact for more information.

You do! Work with your Peer Leader and Learning Community to identify the best option for you. Check out and the content on this page for site options and instructions for how to start the placement process.

As soon as possible!

You can initiate the process by clicking the "Respond" button associated with a specific volunteer need. Note that some agencies have a series of needs and you are required to respond to all needs in the series in order to participate. Read the need description thoroughly, and ask the agency contact person any questions you may have.

Here's an example of what you might say: "Dear Contact, My name is Liz Lemon, and I'm a first-year student in the College of Allied Health Sciences at UC, majoring in xxx. I am participating in the service learning course and am interested in volunteering at your site this spring because xxx. I'd like to move forward with the application and training process. I can be reached by email or phone at xxx. Thank you! Sincerely, Liz Lemon"

Most sites have an application and training process. Some sites require additional documentation, a background check, and/or immunizations and immunization records.

For general questions contact your Peer Leader or the Center for Community Engagement (, 513-556-1559).

For questions about specific volunteer needs, contact the agency manager (contact person) listed on the agency's profile page within You can search for agencies using the tools menu on