UC’s Volunteer Portal (volunteer.uc.edu) is a resource for both students and employees to find volunteer opportunities across Cincinnati. The Volunteer Portal also allows volunteers to log their service hours, which can then be shared with the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center for the renewal of certain scholarships.

The volunteer opportunities listed in UC’s Volunteer Portal are posted by UC, student organizations, or third-party organizations. UC is not responsible for, and makes no representations as to, any information posted by student organizations or third-party organizations, including but not limited to, the content of any posting and the suitability of any opportunity or organization. By providing access to the Volunteer Portal UC is not endorsing or recommending any opportunity or organization nor is UC taking any social, political or religious position.

Each person using the Volunteer Portal is responsible for reviewing potential volunteer opportunities to make their own determination as to whether such opportunity is appropriate for them and assumes all risks associated with participation in their chosen opportunity.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

The following are resources to help locate additional volunteer opportunities.  UC does not endorse or recommend any of the following organizations.  UC encourages its students and employees to properly research an organization prior to accepting any volunteer opportunity.  If you plan to use community service to fulfill a course, organizational, or scholarship requirement be sure the opportunities you choose meet the guidelines. Cincinnatus, UC Global, International Outreach, and National Outreach students can find their guidelines on the Financial Aid website.