FAQs: Scholarship Service Hours

The Center for Community Engagement offers volunteer opportunities for students with a scholarship service hours requirement; however, CCE does not operate scholarships. If you have a question regarding your Cincinnatus, UC Global, or UC National Outreach status, please contact the Student Financial Aid Center by emailing cincinnatus@uc.edu or by calling 513-556-2420.

The Student Financial Aid Center is the office that oversees all aspects of your scholarship.

All service hours can be recorded on UC's Volunteer Portal through the "Add Hours" function. The Student Financial Aid Center pulls service hours directly from the site for official records.

After completing the volunteer work, click "Add Hours" in the top of your profile. You will be asked if the hours are in response to a need found on volunteer.uc.edu. 

  • If yes, choose the respective "need" and fill out the short form, which will be sent to the agency manager for approval.
  • If no, fill out the details, which will be reviewed and approved/denied by Finacial Aid once a month.

If you were asked to "check in" when you attended a volunteer opportunity, the number of hours associated with the need will automatically be added to your profile. 

Go to volunteer.uc.edu and click "Add Hours." You will be asked, "Are these hours in reference to a need you responded to on this site?" Select "No," and fill out the details of your service, including the contact information for an agency representative who can confirm.

You can read about the details of your scholarship and what does and does not count for service hours on the Student Financial Aid Center website. 


Student Financial Aid Center approves service hours once a month. If you submitted service hours within the last two weeks and they have still not been approved, please be patient before contacting financial aid. If the issue persists, send an email to cincinnatus@uc.edu

Rejected hours could have resulted from an accident, oversight, or miscommunication.

If you responded to a need on the volunteer portal, please contact the the agency manager responsible for the volunteer activity. Contact info for agency managers can be found on volunteer.uc.edu.

If individuals hours you entered were rejected, please contact the Student Financial Aid Center at 513-556-2420, or email cincinnatus@uc.edu

  • Clean Up Cincy is a student-led effort; it is not a program of the Center for Community Engagement (CCE).
  • CCE supports the student leaders who pull together Clean Up Cincy events, and we are in an ongoing discussion with the student organizers of Clean Up Cincy to make the community service hours reporting process go more smoothly in the future.
  • Clean Up Cincy can be reached at cleanupcincy@gmail.com. If you don't hear back from them in a reasonable time, let us know what the problem is, and we will see if we can resolve it for you.