Scholarship Service Hours FAQ

If you have been awarded a scholarship by the Financial Aid Center, you may have service requirements. Our office can help connect you to opportunities. Questions about your scholarship requirements?

  • After completing the volunteer work, click "Add Hours" in the top of your profile. You will be asked if the hours are for an opportunity you found on 
  • If yes, choose the respective "need" and fill out the short form, which will be sent to the agency manager for approval.
  • If no, fill out the details, which will be reviewed and approved/denied by Finacial Aid once a month.
  • The other way to get hours approved is for an Agency to use the "check-in" feature which will automatically add the number of hours associated with an activity when you check in to volunteer for a need.

 Rejected hours could have resulted from an accident, oversight, or miscommunication, in which case, please contact the the agency manager responsible for the volunteer activity in question directly.

If you submitted hours via a paper form for your scholarship to the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center, those hours are being recorded, but they are not posted online. The same goes for student groups who submit volunteer hours directly for Cincinnatus and other scholarships via a spreadsheet. You can always give the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center a call to double-check your hours. (513) 556-2420

All service hours can be recorded on through the "Add Hours" function. The Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center pulls service hours directly from for official records.

The Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center collects volunteer hours for scholarships in three ways:

  • They periodically download a report of approved hours on and add them to your official Financial Aid record. It's possible for there to be a delay in updating your official record (but this delay will never impact your scholarship status determination).
  • Large groups like Relay for Life may submit hours via a spreadsheet directly to the Financial Aid Center on your behalf.
  • On, click "Add Hours." You will be asked, "Are these hours in reference to a need you responded to on this site?" Select "No," and fill out the details of your service, including the contact information for an agency representative who can confirm.
  • Clean Up Cincy is a student-led effort; it is not a program of the Center for Community Engagement (CCE).
  • CCE supports the student leaders who pull together Clean Up Cincy events, and we are in an ongoing discussion with the student organizers of Clean Up Cincy to make the community service hours reporting process go more smoothly in the future.
  • Clean Up Cincy can be reached at If you don't hear back from them in a reasonable time, let us know what the problem is, and we will see if we can resolve it for you.
  • The Center for Community Engagement doesn't oversee that scholarship program. We focus on creating opportunities for all students (regardless of scholarship) who want to get involved in the community, whereas the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center oversees the Cincinnatus scholarship.
  • You can read about the details of your scholarship and what does and does not count for service hours on the Financial Aid website under "Cincinnatus."
  • Service is defined by Financial Aid as "Those services designed to improve the quality of life for community residents (general public), particularly low income individuals, or solving problems related to their needs." – National Community Service Act of 1990
  • The Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center is the office that oversees all aspects of your Cincinnatus scholarship. You can find information about your scholarship on the Financial Aid website
  • You can also contact the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center at 513-556-2420 option 1,, or in 340 University Pavilion to answer questions specific to your scholarship.

If you have additional questions about the features of, check out their helpful FAQ section below.