Lead Tutor Leadership Program

The Lead Tutor Program is designed to enrich the experiences of Bearcat Buddies and the children they work with. Every academic year, ~20 lead tutors are selected to serve as liaisons between the tutors, the Center for Community Engagement, and GRAD Cincinnati. Lead tutors manage tutor communication, implement fun activities for tutees, and overall, work to foster a sense of community in the Bearcat Buddies program. In order to be considered for a Lead Tutor position , you must serve as a Bearcat Buddies Ambassador for at least two semesters. 

The Lead Tutor Program first launched during the 2018-2019 school year. 30 leaders met bi-weekly to learn from guest speakers and develop content for the general tutors in the program. Friendships formed, and the quality of the Bearcat Buddies experience was enriched for tutors and tutees alike.


  • Serve as the primary point of contact for tutors in their session, serving as a liaison between the tutors, the Center for Community Engagement, and GRAD Cincinnati representatives
  • Prepare for a time commitment of ~10 hours per semester (in addition to your tutoring session)
  • Attend Lead Tutor training
  • Participate in monthly Lead Tutor meetings
  • Ensure that their tutor group attends orientation
  • Host an introductory meeting with their tutor group prior to their first tutoring session
  • Create a GroupMe for the tutor group as a communication tool
  • Be familiar with their school and its tutoring program
  • Manage sign-in sheets, folders, and other materials as needed during tutoring sessions
  • Monitor the tutoring calendar, taking note of snow days, holidays, school breaks, etc.
  • Introduce a new tutoring strategy every week in the van 
  • Check in with tutors on the way back to UC
  • Foster a sense of community among tutors in their group
  • Follow up with tutors who are absent and encourage accountability
  • Communicate feedback regularly to CCE (ex. if a tutor misses two or more seesions)
  • Attend the National Tutoring Assocation trainings

Bearcat Buddies provides an avenue for growth and broadens your perspective by promoting learning through tutoring and teaching others.

Geethika V.

2023-2024 Lead Tutors

Bearcat Buddies provides an avenue for growth and broadens your perspective by promoting learning through tutoring and teaching others.

Geethika V.

Headshot of Rama Alshami

Rama Alshami

Rama is a 2nd year Medical Sciences major. She is looking forward to connecting with the community by being a Lead Tutor for her 2nd semester. She is also secretary for H.E.A.L. and the Nonprofit Social Media Chair for Parkinson’s Together.

Headshot of Sophia Orlando

Sophia Orlando

Sophia is a 3rd year Health Sciences major on a Pre-PA track. She is looking forward to her third semester of tutoring with Bearcat Buddies and connecting with CPS students.

Headshot of Alaina Mok

Alaina Mok

Alaina is a second-year student studying Early Childhood Education with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She hopes to foster a meaningful connection with each of her future students. Eventually, she wishes to own and operate her own preschool franchise.

Headshot of Maxine Escote

Maxine Escote

Maxine Thea Escote is a junior studying Biological Sciences with a concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, specifically in pediatrics. She has been with Bearcat Buddies for two years.

Headshot of Wendy Larbie

Wendy Larbie

Wendy is a 3rd-year public health student with a major in minority and global health studies. She is excited to work with many different tutors to help students achieve their academic goals!

Headshot of Chichi Okeke

Chichi Okeke

Chichi is a second-year Health Science student on the Pre-med track. As she goes on to her third semester of being a Bearcat Buddies tutor, she is looking forward to interacting with children and learning the various skills they can teach her today.

Headshot of Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz

Josh is a 4th year biology student. He assists SAC and the UC spirit teams when not in classes or tutoring. He has been a tutor for 5 semesters!

Headshot of Caden Burkhart

Caden Burkhart

Caden is entering his 4th semester with BB and 2nd as a lead tutor. He studies PT at UC and has a minor in nutrition. During his free time, he likes to listen to music, watch sports, and exercise.

Headshot of Vaishnavi Kavoori

Vaishnavi Kavoori

Vaishnavi is a third year majoring in Biological Sciences and double minoring in Women and gender studies and Chemistry. By becoming a lead tutor, she hopes to make new connections and give back to the community.

Headshot of Ikshitha Tippi

Ikshitha Tippi

Ikshitha is a 3rd year pre-med student studying Medical Sciences, with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys reading and making art. She dreams to be an OBGYN and help those in impoverished conditions.

Headshot of Emily Sanzone

Emily Sanzone

Emily is a 3rd year Middle Childhood Education major. This is her 2nd year as a Lead Tutor, but 3rd year as part of our program. She is looking forward to working with the students of Cincinnati and helping them achieve their academic goals.

Headshot of Lexi Graf

Lexi Graf

Lexi is a 2nd year secondary education major with a math focus. This is her 3rd semester with Bearcat Buddies! Her favorite part about tutoring was seeing the direct impact she was making on her buddy!

Headshot of Kaaviya Muruganantham

Kaaviya Muruganantham

Kaaviya is a Medical Sciences major and Philosophy minor. She has been with Bearcat Buddies since Fall 2021 and has volunteered with students spanning K-12 throughout most of her academic career.

Headshot of Maria Canales

Maria Canales

Maria is a second-year majoring in Medical Sciences and also minoring in Integrative Health. She loves working with children and being able to give back to the community by tutoring. She has been with Bearcat Buddies since she started at UC.

Headshot of Anushri Rana

Anushri Rana

Anushri is a 2nd year Medical Sciences major with a minor in Integrative Health. In her 2nd semester as a Lead Tutor, she is excited to work with students and give back to the community.

Headshot of Afolakemi Akinrefon

Afolakemi Akinrefon

Kemi is a 3rd-year medical science major and is minoring in Public Health. She has loved tutoring since high school and now, as a lead tutor, has a goal of making students feel comfortable when learning.

Headshot of Owen Major

Owen Major

Owen is a 3rd year Biology major on the Pre-Med track. This is Owen's third year in Bearcat Buddies, and his favorite part of the program is getting to interact with the students and watching them grow throughout the semester.