GSA Member Groups Registration

All Graduate Student Associations (GSAs) must register with both the GSG and with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). There can only be one graduate group per program registered. Several programs may be combined under one GSA. 

CSI registration will provide the benefits and privileges listed in the CSI handbook (PDF file). GSG registration helps secure funding for GSAs (see Group Budget Awards and Group Grant Awards) and their graduate student constituents (see Student Awards).

Note: Graduate student associations under the GSG are NOT eligible for funding from SALD/UFB.

Registration Procedure

The deadline for completing registration is August 21, 2023. Please ensure that your GSA is registered by this date. Please remember that timely completion of the registration process is necessary for your GSA and its members to be eligible for funding.

Registering your GSA is a two-step process. First, you will need to register your GSA with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) via CampusLink. Then, you will need to register your GSA with the Graduate Student Government. Detailed instructions are given below. Please note that only the president or treasurer of your GSA can do the CSI registration.

  • Securing administrative access to your GSA group on CampusLink
    1. CampusLink  is the platform used by UC to manage organizations on campus. You are probably already a member of your GSA group on CampusLink – if not, search for your GSA, and request to join the group. If you are a newly elected officer, get in touch with the previous officers and request them to add you as an officer. Only the assigned president or treasurer of the GSA can go through the registration procedure, so it is important that the previous officers assign you the role.
    2. (If you are presently listed as the president, you can add new officers. To do this, go to your GSA’s page on CampusLink, click Manage Organization, go to the menu on the left side, click Roster, click on the edit icon next to the person’s name, select the position, and save)
    3. If you cannot get in touch with the people who served as officers previously, or if your GSA group page does not show up on CampusLink, please reach out to me.
  • Going through the registration process
    1. The annual registration process is called Re-Registration, or RESET, by CSI. Once you’ve been assigned the president or treasurer of your GSA on CampusLink, you can begin this process. It will take you about 60 minutes to complete, but needn’t be done in one sitting. The process includes filling out forms with details about your GSA (some of those will be auto-populated), watching videos about campus policies and resources for organizations, answering quizzes about these policies and resources, and reporting on your GSA’s activities from the past year. To begin the process, open CampusLink (, click on your GSA under Memberships, then click Manage Organization, then click Re-Register This Organization.
    2. You will need a copy of your GSA’s constitution, that includes a non-hazing clause and a non-discrimination clause (Sample Constitution). Your registration will be denied if the constitution does not have these two clauses, so please ensure that they are included.
    3. If your GSA does not have a constitution, you may copy the GSG’s constitution and bylaws. Make sure to state the following above the document: “Our organization is governed by the relevant parts of the GSG’s constitution and bylaws.” Also remember to include non-hazing and non-discrimination clauses.
      GSG Consitution
      GSG Bylaws 
  • Once you are done registering with CSI, you can register with the GSG. Please fill out the registration form to register with the GSG
  • Finally, at least one officer from your GSA should attend the GSA Officer Orientation Workshop – this will be held sometime soon after classes begin in the Fall semester. More details about this workshop will be announced later.