The Graduate Student Government extends financial support to graduate students through various awards and fellowships. A brief description of all award opportunities offered by the GSG can be viewed below. For a more detailed description of these awards, please visit the individual pages.

Group Budget Awards are offered to Graduate Student Associations (GSA) registered under the GSG and are to be used for events or purchases that a GSA deems necessary for community building amongst its constituent graduate students.

Group Grant Awards are offered to Graduate Student Associations (GSA) registered under the GSG to fund academic events/activities that are academically oriented with an emphasis on the research impact to the wider graduate student population such as Scholar speaker events, Journal publications, Poster competitions, Symposium/Conference etc. Non-academic (fun/social) events are not eligible to be funded through Group Grant Awards.

Community Grant Awards are new for non-GSA groups across campus that involve graduate students. These groups are able to apply for awards in the eight cycles which appear below (Group Grant and Community Grant Chart). There is a total availability of $375 total per cycle availible. If not all of the money is used throughout one cycle, it will roll over into the subsequent cycle. 

The application process for each of these distinct awards are the same as stated on the Group & Communty Grant Awards page linked above. 

Group Grant and Community Grant Award Deadlines
Application Deadline  Deadline Period Budget Amount Available Decision Notification
October 30th  Fall 2021 $1000 November 9th, 2021
November 20th Fall 2021 $1000 November 30th, 2021
December 15th Fall 2021 $1000 January 2nd, 2022
January 29th Spring 2022 $1000 February 8th, 2022
February 26th Spring 2022 $1000 March 8th, 2022
April 2nd Spring 2022 $1000 April 12th, 2022
July 31st Summer 2022 $1000 August 10th, 2022

To apply for these awards please email the GSG Treasurer or the GSG Vice-president, for the applications and instructions.

The GSG Conference Travel award is provided to financially assist deserving graduate students present their research at a conference or attend a conference or workshop to develop their professional skills. A graduate student can receive a maximum of $500(presenter) and $200(non-presenter) in conference related travel awards from the GSG per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th).

The GSG Research Fellowship (RF) is a competitive award designed to assist graduate students in furthering their research endeavors that are travel related or to purchase research-related materials. A graduate student can be awarded a maximum of $1200(Intradisciplinary Research) and $1500 (Advancement of Diversity or Interdisciplinary Research).

The Research Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of the Graduate School, the UC Office of Research and the Graduate Student Government.

To apply for these awards please email GSG Vice-president, for the applications and instructions.

The GSG Excellence Award is a competitive award designed to recognize the acheivements of outstanding Graduate Students in their academic pursuits. A diverse panel of judges including UC faculty, and administration vote and decide on the winners. All awards carry a monetary prize, a plaque, and a certificate.

To apply for these awards please email GSG Vice-president, for the applications and instructions.

Established in 2017, the Presidential Medal of Graduate Student Excellence (PMGSE) is a prestigious honor awarded by the university president to exceptional graduate students who are graduating from their master's or doctoral program that best exemplify scholarship, leadership, character, service and the ideals of the University of Cincinnati. Recipients will be recognized at the All University Recognition Ceremony and the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony and Master's Ceremony in Spring/Summer.

GSG now offers a Membership Award to graduate students. Specifically, graduate student can apply to the GSG Membership Award to have one professional membership paid for that is associated with their department/college. 

For questions about the GSG Membership Award application, please email the GSG President or GSG Treasurer