Graduate Student Orientation

Introduced in 2019, the Graduate Student Orientation serves to welcome all incoming graduate students to the University of Cincinnati and help them get familiarized with various resources that UC has to offer. Since Spring 2023, the Graduate Student Government has collaborated with the Graduate College to advertise university resources to incoming students. To access those resources, please visit the Graduate College's website



University Resources for Incoming Students

Below are university resources accumulated from previous years, which will be archived here. The resources below include a short description and a recorded presentation.

This session will guide students through the resources available from the Office of Public Safety. These include services like crime prevention education, fire safety inspection, background checks, bicycle registration, lost & found, and NightRide.

UCPD & Public Safety

This session will focus on the transportation options available on campus and around campus. Bearcat Transportation will provide information, sources, and contact info regading shuttle services and NightRide. Representatives from the Metro will give a presentation regarding Metro buses and programs for UC students.

Bearcat Transportation


This session will focus on resources available from the UC Library system, including Langsam and CEAS libraries. UC Libraries supports undergraduates, graduate, and professional programs and include college and departmental libraries. 

UC Libraries

This session will go over resources and services available from CAPS, as well as commonly-asked questions. Attendees will receive contact card from CAPS as well as participate in a few soothing exercises. While CAPS' main office is located on 225 Calhoun St. Suite 200, they offer counseling within many academic colleges.


This session will focus on what the Bearcat Pantry (BCP) has to offer, resources for food insecurity, and information regarding its location. Students at UC Blue Ash and UC Claremont have access to pantry services operated on those campuses. 

BCP & Resource Center

This session will focus on CET&L (Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning), which promotes research-based best practices for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. This is a great session to attend if you have a teaching assistantship or would like to teach in the future. 


Other Resources

Due to time constraints, we understand that some resouces were not mentioned or presented. Here is a collection of student resources and services that are great to be familiar with.

UC Learning Common     

  • Their services include (but are not limited to) peer tutoring, academic coaching, and writing assistance.

UC Office of Research

  • This is a great resource for PhD students or those involved in research looking for funding and scholarships.

Women Helping Women

Help for Student Victims & Student Survivors

Anonymous Reporting Hotline

  • An anonymous way to report activities that may involve illegal, unethical or inappropriate behavior in violation with UC’s policies that you may not feel comfortable reporting through normal channels

African American Cultural Resource Center (AACRC)

LGBTQ Resource Center

Office of Ethnic Programs and Services

Identity Based Initiative

  • Asian Pacific Islander, Latine, Native American, Undocumented, & DACA students

Veterans Programs & Services

UC United Asians Advocates