Graduate Student Orientation and Welcome

The Graduate Student Orientation serves to welcome all incoming graduate students to the University of Cincinnati and help them get familiarized with various resources that UC has to offer. This year, the Graduate Student Government has organized a virtual student orientation and welcome. On Thursday August 19th, this event will include special guest speakers; information sessions with different UC offices, organizations, and departments; and networking sessions and presentations. 

You can attend the GSG Student Orientation and Welcome on Thursday, August 19th from 10:00AM-2:30PM.

Welcome Session

Special Guest Speakers

  • 10:05AM : Official welcome from UC to graduate students
  • 10:15AM : Official welcome from UC graduate school 
  • 10:25AM : Resources for Students 
  • 10:35AM : Safety during Pandemic 
  • 10:45AM : Introduction to GSG by the GSG Executive Board
  • 11:15AM : Wrap-up

Information Session

Student Funding and Financial Literacy 

  • This session will guide graduate students to understand the importance of financial wellness and literacy.  Topics discussed will include: concerns during the COVID crisis; campus and community need-based resources; merit awards; taxes for graduate students, and more. Please refer to the resource links below for more information.

Student Resources

This workshop will focus on informing students of various resources available to graduate students.  Topics to be discussed can include: the bearcat pantry (BCP), Langsam Library Resources, preparing future faculty, and more.

Student Resources

Graduate Student Experience

This workshop will focus on having an open discussion about graduate student experiences, for domestic, international, and non-traditional students, at UC.

Graduate Student Experience, Pt 1

Graduate Student Experience, Pt 2

Diversity, Mental Health, and Work-Life Balance

This workshop will focus on having an open discussion with graduate students about diversity and inclusion, balancing graduate school and life, and prioritizing mental health and overall wellness.

AACRC and UC Wellness Center

UC Women's Center

Housing and Community

This workshop will focus informing graduate students about various housing options as well as where to find supportive communities for families.

Graduate Student Housing and Family Services

Feedback for the Grad Student Government

The Graduate Student Government would like to get your feedback about our graduate student orientation and welcome event to keep improving our logistics and content. Please complete the GSG student orientation feedback survey , which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you complete this survey, you can sign up to be entered into a raffle drawing for a $25 gift certificate  Please enter your name and email below. If your name is drawn, you will be notified by email. Your name will not be connected with your survey responses.