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The University of Cincinnati's Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Activities and Leadership Development office, and Division of Student Affairs supports and affirms our university mission to provide an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and a just community in order to create opportunities to help develop educated, engaged and respectful global citizens. Because we are dedicated to a just community, underage drinking and other behaviors contrary to our Student Code of Conduct have no place in our campus organizations. We will continue to provide guidance through education and the university's Office of Judicial Affairs as opportunities to reflect on our values and to increase our accountability. We encourage members of the Greek Community to seek out the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life staff if they would like to discuss any obstacles and avenues for becoming a model, inclusive community. 

Purposeful  Student Engagement 

We are an important resource for UC students who want to be involved while attending the University of Cincinnati. Staffed with full-time professionals and graduate assistants who are available through the year, the office provides leadership and direction for the more than 500 student organizations, as well as a full range of activities and cultural programs for students.

Our office provides programs that have an intentional educational component, specifically the leadership development of our students when organizing programs or leading a cohort. With all the services and programs we provide, the intent is to build the leadership skills of our students to make them better citizens.