AI & Generative AI Resources

About Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Generative AI

Artificial intelligence is technology that attempts to mimic human problem solving. AI has evolved since the 1950s and is now used to power virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, speech to text, personalized suggestions of content, facial recognition, and more. 

Generative AI is capable of producing content. Generative AI can answer questions, create content like images and audio, and code. The current state of generative AI does have its flaws, but it is constantly being improved. Some of the current Generative AI tools are ChatGPT and DALL-E2Gemini, and Microsoft Copilot.

Digital Literacy and Equity of AI Tools

In an effort to ensure AI tools are equitable and UC users are knowledgeable, a DTS working group is evaluating the availability of AI, as well as connecting faculty and staff to AI knowledge sharing and training offered across the university. (UC faculty and staff login required to access workshop information below.)

AI Resources

It is important that UC students, faculty, and staff have access to information regarding AI use in the classroom and the workplace.  


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