Office of Information Security

Our mission is to collaborate with and serve the UC community by enabling protection of information assets and supporting the academic and research objectives of the university. We lead, develop and maintain an enterprise information security program designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability through best practices and continuous partner engagement.

Secure the Present, Protect the Future.

OIS Services

  • Governance and Compliance: entails security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures that are essential for ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining data security.
  • Risk Management: through 3rd party vendor security, risk assessments, risk mitigation guidance, technology procurement reviews, and risk acceptance documentation.
  • Security Operations: supporting enterprise security tools and technology such as multi-factor authentication, anti-virus, password and encryption management, and SSL certificates.
  • Incident Response and Forensics: Cyber incident reponse, logging and monitoring, digital forensics, investigations, and a student lead Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • Education and Awareness: offering Campus Roadshows, training events, Cybersecurity Awareness Month, paper shred events and on demand training.

For access to Security Review documentation, Risk Assessment Forms, and other related materials please visit Bearcats Landing.

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