Education & Awareness

In today's digital age, understanding and practicing effective information security is crucial for everyone in our community. This page is dedicated to providing valuable resources and information to enhance your knowledge and awareness of key cybersecurity practices.

Deepen Your Cybersecurity Knowledge

For more in-depth learning and engagement, we invite you to explore our specialized subpages. Each is designed to cater to different aspects of your cybersecurity education journey:

  • Tip Sheets: Reference guides on security topics.
  • Video Content: Links to the Office of Information Security's YouTube channel.
  • Online Courses: Access to LinkedIn Learning..
  • Security Podcast Guide: A selection of engaging cybersecurity podcasts suitable for all audiences.

Information Security Roadshow

As part of our commitment to spreading cybersecurity awareness, the Office of Information Security is excited to introduce the Information Security Roadshow. This initiative, kicking off in 2024, is a series of interactive and informative sessions designed to empower our community with essential digital security skills.


Join the Information Security Outreach Roadshow

December 11, 2023

The UC Office of Information Security announces the Information Security Outreach Roadshows, interactive sessions designed to enhance cybersecurity skills university-wide. Starting January 2024, the program covers key topics like password management and phishing awareness, fostering a stronger digital security community at UC.

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Stay Tuned for the Launch in 2024!

Keep an eye on this space as the initiative gets underway in 2024. We'll be updating with presentation recordings, additional resources, and more. Join us in this exciting journey to elevate our cybersecurity knowledge and practices.