Password Management (LastPass)

About LastPass Password Management

Password management tools securely store and manage your passwords and login credentials, automating the login process for your online accounts, thereby enhancing both convenience and security.

The University of Cincinnati uses LastPass for password management. 

All UC students are eligible to claim a Premium as a Perk LastPass account to use with personal (non-UC) accounts. Premium as a Perk LastPass accounts allow you to store, retrieve, and manage complex accounts and help prevent:

  • The need to create and remember multiple passwords.
  • Unsecure password storage.
  • Poor password hygiene such as low complexity or using one password for multiple sites.

Claim a Student Premium as a Perk LastPass Account

Follow the instructions below to get started with LastPass.

  • Navigate to UC LastPass Registration Portal
  • Enter your UC email and the personal account you want your LastPass account to be linked to.
  • You will get an email sent to your UC account from LastPass prompting you to create your personal account.
  • Create a strong Master Password and select “Create My Account”. 

Get helpful how-to instructions for LastPass in the IT Knowledge Base. We’ve linked directly to many of them below.

Need LastPass Help?

Contact the Office of Information Security at