Wēpa Student Printing

About Wēpa

Wēpa is a pay-for-print service available in computer labs, libraries, and other public spaces on UC's campus. 

Access Student Printing with Wēpa

Follow the instructions below to access Wēpa printing services. 

  • Sign into Wēpa with your UC username and password.
  • Upload your documents to the Wēpa print cloud and retrieve them from any Wēpa print station on UC's campus. 
  • Pay for prints with your Bearcat Campus Card or use the Wēpa mobile app to pay with a credit card.

Get helpful how-to instructions Wēpa in the IT Knowledge Base. We've linked directly to many of them below.

Wēpa Upload/Printing Options

Wēpa allows you to upload and print your documents from a variety of places. 

  • Any mobile device, smart phone or tablet with an Internet connection
  • Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage
  • On-campus computer lab workstations
  • Personal computers and laptops
  • USB devices 

Wēpa Express touch-free printing is available with the Wēpa Print iOS mobile app.

Submit a Request for Wēpa Support

Follow the instructions below to submit a request for Wēpa support.

Wēpa Printing Price Guide

The table below lists the per-print price for Wēpa printing services.
Price Paper Size Printed Sides Print Type
$0.13 8.5" x 11" Single-sided Monochrome
(black & white)
8.5" x 11" Duplex
(black & white)
$0.39 8.5" x 11" Single-sided Color
$0.52 8.5" x 11" Duplex 

UC Wēpa Print Station Locations 

The Wēpa system includes a universal print queue, so you can print from wherever you are and pick up your prints from any Wēpa station on campus.

Map of Wēpa Print Stations at UC 

GPS coordinates for academic buildings
Building Latitude Longitude
Braunstein Hall 39.133150 -84.518479
Geology Physics Building 39.133702 -84.518410
Arts & Sciences Hall 39.132115 -84.519205
Dyer Hall 39.130311 -84.518522
Teachers College 39.130201 -84.519563
College of Law 39.135170 -84.519980
Corbett Center for Performing Arts 39.130039 -84.518199
Mary Emery Hall 39.130568 -84.517557
Memorial Hall 39.129609 -84.517315
Aronoff Center - College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning 39.134665 -84.518610
Old Chemistry Building 39.133359 -84.517609
Swift Hall 39.132645 -84.517355
Baldwin Hall 39.133082 -84.516718
Rhodes Hall 39.133042 -84.515762
Zimmer Hall 39.133649 -84.516881
Edwards Center 39.129385 -84.512451
Engineering Research Center 39.133494 -84.515523
Carl H Lindner Hall 39.133978 -84.514551
Crosley Tower 39.134794 -84.516593
Rieveschl Hall 39.134024 -84.516933
French Hall (West) 39.132429 -84.512643
Langsam Library 39.134556 -84.515413
Dieterle Vocal Arts Center 39.130497 -84.516867
Blegen Library 39.129700 -84.519391
UC Centers & Classrooms at U-Square 39.128137 -84.516135
Clifton Court Hall 39.133238 -84.519611
Health Sciences Building 39.138922 -84.505724
Lindner College of Business 39.133894 -84.514520

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