Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM) is presented by the Office of Information Security (OIS).​​​​​​​

Join us at TUC, 3rd Floor Atrium, October 22-25, 2024, from 9 a.m. -2 p.m. as we mark over two decades of raising cybersecurity awareness. Stay tuned for an exciting lineup of guest speakers, contests, and events designed to enhance your digital safety and knowledge. 

2024 Planned Activities

Bearcat Commons, Lot A

Shred Event 

Tuesday, October 29th, 2024 from 9am-1pm (or until the truck is full.)

Cybersecurity Meme Contest

After last year’s viral meme success, we’re back with the same exciting challenge for our students. We are inviting you to share your cyber security promises deliver in a meme format. These promises should be simple yet impactful—think password protection, two-factor authentication, and password managers. Get creative to bring awareness for a safer digital world together! There will be prizes for the top two memes.

Scavenger Hunt

Sharpen your research and investigative skills with our upcoming Scavenger Hunt! Begin by exploring the wealth of knowledge on the Office of Information Security pages. Familiarize yourself with the latest in digital safety and prepare to embark on a quest for hidden treasures. Exciting prizes await the keen-eyed participants! Mark your calendars—additional details will be unveiled on October 1, 2024. Ready, set,  go discover!

Speaker Events

We are working on our lineup of remarkable guest speakers who will inspire, educate, and ignite your passion to be cyber aware. These visionary thinkers, will have a diverse range of expertise, stories, and insights, leaving you motivated to be cyber secure. Be prepared to discover hidden gems of knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, and fuel your journey. You do not want to miss out on this experience!

Stay Engaged

Remember to stay connected with us! Our newsletters, social media, and blog posts are your go-to sources for the latest events for CAM in October. Keep an eye out for our updates—we’ll be sharing essential tips to fortify your digital life, practical advice for your personal cyber hygiene, and valuable information you can pass on to friends and family. Let’s make cybersecurity a shared responsibility this October and a way of life! 

Highlights from 2023

Cybersecurity Meme Contest

Meme of character panicking after realizing they just accepted  an MFA prompt without having tried to log in.

Congratulations to our 1st place winner Michael Hehman. This meme highlights a key security tip with humor: an unexpected MFA prompt might mean someone's trying to access your account. It's not just an extra security step; it's a warning to stay alert. Remember to always confirm it's you before approving that MFA prompt.

A meme showing a person with an 'I told you so' expression standing in front of a fire. The caption above reads, 'We don't need a budget for cybersecurity, what could go wrong?' and below, 'Me who suggested a budget.'

Hats off to our second-place meme master, Breanna King, whose meme delivers a powerful message about the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures.  It's a visual prompt that reminds us: foresight in cybersecurity is key. Let's not wait for the heat to rise before taking action!

Keynote Webinar

TechGuard Security logo

TechGuard experts covered four essential topics: phishing, passwords and password managers, multi-factor authentication, software updates, and AI. The presentation was folowed by a Q&A session.

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